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Turning comic books into movies is nothing new. Through the 1980s and 90s, we saw adaptations of comics such as Superman, Batman, and The Crow. But in the summer of 2002, a little movie called Spider-Man was released, and became one of the top five highest grossing movies ever released at that time. Studio heads, eager to get their piece of the "comic book movie" pie, started greenlighting every comic book adaptation that came across their desk. In the following years, dozens of comic book adaptations were released on the public, some good, many bad, a few great.

Not to be left out on their piece of the pie, video game developers obtained licences to make games based on these movies, often trying to get their game on store shelves at the same time the movie is released in theaters. Unfortunately, it usually takes longer to make a video game than it does to make a movie, so these games are often rushed through their production, and subsequently suffer in quality. Even so, given a big enough budget, these games will often feature the actor's likeness, and sometimes the actors own motion capture and voice work for the game.

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