solidocelot's BlackSite: Area 51 (Xbox 360) review

Blacksite is Call of Duty 4's retarted cousin

Where do i begin, Blacksite tries to take ideas and concepts from other First Person Shooters (key word TRIES), tries and fails miserably, it gets so caught up trying to be Politically Incorrect (cause thats F'in HILARIOUS) *note sarcasm*  and cinematic, though huge technical problems stop it dead in its tracks. For example one level has you run through a suburban neighborhood, while aliens attack you, well that sounds ok until you realize that the game spawns these aliens in the exact same spot (BEHIND YOU) which im sure was made to frighten you, but it only succeeds in pissing you off.

Blacksite story is quite simple your a solider returned from Iraq and you find yourself back in Nevada when the aliens start coming out (no not out of the closet). From there you travel across bug infested Nevada and not alien bugs technical bugs, you would think driving is pretty simple just press accelerate and turn where you wanna go, bit not in this game. The Humvee you drive is so insanely light the slightest tough to either the right or left throws you into a wall. There are also random invisible walls in the streets. One level has you driving down the freeway killing aliens, and hitting invisible, and in-game walls until you finally realize theirs only one way to go even though the road splits more than once, its only an illusion to make you think your playing a game when in actuality its playing you *scratch that* its raping you with non-stop bugs, glitches, hiccups, and all catastrophic game crashes.

FINAL VERDICT: If you fell like taking it from a less than mediocre game, (which doesn't lick the shaft). Then stay far far away from Blacksite.

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