Any one play Blade Runner?

#1 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -

I own the game but never got around to beating it. Its pretty dope but I wish I had a manual or something.

#2 Posted by PatheticMan (90 posts) -

Why exactly do you need the manual?

#3 Posted by Pibo47 (3236 posts) -

I wish i hadnt played that game, i am the biggest blade runner fan ever...but the game sucked some ass. and balls.

#4 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

Westwood made a video game based on Blade Runner?

Fuck Westwood.

And fuck anyone else who desecrates the sacred name of amazingness that is Blade Runner.
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The game was actually decent.  Great point and click adventure game.. It sets the mood of the movie perfectly.

I'd highly recommend it if you like adventure games and are a fan of the movie.

#6 Posted by roushimsx (526 posts) -
jakob187 said:
"And fuck anyone else who desecrates the sacred name of amazingness that is Blade Runner."
Play the game before criticizing it. The game is pretty awesome. Unlike 99% of licensed games, it doesn't try to adapt the events of the movie into a game; it fleshes out and expands the fictional universe. It was ridiculously well done and fairly replayable thanks to how it was randomized. Great use of voxels too, IIRC.

It's sad, but I almost completely ignored it while popping through the Virgin Interactive booth at E3 that year for similar reasons to you (licensed game based on one of my favorite properties? FUCK YOU!). I was really, really glad to be proven wrong. Do yourself a favor and give it a look-see (looks like you can snag it for under $20/shipped on eBay pretty easily). Not sure how easily it'll work on modern PCs (IIRC the shooting segment runs too fast or some such?), but if you're a fan of Blade Runner, you'll love the game.
#7 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -
PatheticMan said:
"Why exactly do you need the manual?"
I keep forgetting the controls. I also like reading old PC game manuals. :P
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I love Blade Runner myself, but really. Play the game first, this game is actually one of the adventure games that is worth playing, mostly because how you can impact the story and get different endings, etc. It's actually less about the movie and more about Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The game follows the book much more closely than the movie does, which makes an interesting experience.
Do play it if you like Blade Runner, they did some great things with the game.

#9 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

I thought the game was ass. Of course, I think the movie is ass too so that's to be expected.

#10 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7030 posts) -

I thought it was a very cool adventure game, perhaps a bit ahead of its time even.  The atmosphere, voice acting, and the environments still are pretty incredible.

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#11 Posted by AllThatBacon (615 posts) -

Played it and beat it last year. Really awesome adventure game. I love the movie so I guess it only makes sense that I'd love this game as well.

#12 Posted by Hexpane (1435 posts) -

Best place to find the game?  I don't want to get e-bay raped

#13 Posted by AllThatBacon (615 posts) -
Hexpane said:
"Best place to find the game?  I don't want to get e-bay raped"
You can find the game for pretty cheap (around $10) from's Marketplace.
#14 Posted by lord_canti (1660 posts) -

i played up to the point where the BIG TWIST happens and it blew my mind and stoped playing that was about 6 years ago now lol

#15 Posted by Shazam (476 posts) -

I played it but did not finish it. Basically, I saved at the exact wrong moment so I died EVERY time and there was nothing I could do about it. It was too far in so I actually never restarted. I am a lazy gamer.

#16 Posted by joelalfaro (624 posts) -

I loved it. Great atmosphere and advanced technology for it's time (dynamic character agendas and schedules).

#17 Posted by Ravenhoe (193 posts) -

I played it and am planning on playing it again. I found the core game decent at best but the immersive atmosphere and graphics are really great

#18 Posted by FoxMulder (1767 posts) -

Got it cheap on eBay, but my main computer is a Mac so I'll have to find a time to put in on my family's PC and play it when no on is home so I dont keep getting kicked off because I alread have a computer :P

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@Emilio: You can download the manual here.
#20 Posted by buzz_clik (7287 posts) -

I'm a huge Blade Runner fan, and although I never finished the game I really enjoyed what I did play. I've still got my boxed copy stashed away in the cupboard somewhere.
And it's wayyy better than this Blade Runner game. Fun fact on that one: the makers of the game couldn't buy the rights to the movie, but they could buy the rights to the Vangelis soundtrack. When the game finally emerged it had plinky renditions of the Blade Runner score that were pretty naff. It also had horribly janky gameplay that, by COMPLETE COINCIDENCE, played out like the scene where Deckard chases Zhora. But it totally wasn't that. For legal reasons. Shush, it wasn't, okay?


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