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Tedious and mediocre at best 0

No one should really be surprised Blades of Time is a bad game given it’s a spiritual successor to an even worse game.It is however a shame the developers didn’t figure out how to do much better than 2009s X-Blades. The most surprising thing about its follow-up is that it exists at all. You’d think a game that no-one asked for or expected would at least come off as feeling like a passion product with some unique qualities or quirky characters and ideas but instead everything ab...

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Blades of Time is a better game than X-Blades, but not by much. 0

If you have a good memory, you might remember a mediocre hack and slash game that went by the name of X-Blades that came out in 2009 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game wasn’t any good as it suffered from bad repetition in gameplay, location designs and combat. At least the anime inspired graphics were nice to look at, and the main character, Ayumi, was created with a sexy, cute anime girl look with a costume that rendered her G-string invisible, displaying all her bottom in full glory for t...

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