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Blades of Time is part sequel, part spiritual successor to X-Blades, not continuing the original story but starring the same heroine. The main mechanic that sets it apart from the previous game is time manipulation: the player is able to 'record' an action and then rewind time to before that action began and record another, ultimately creating and fighting alongside multiple versions. The core gameplay is a hybrid of third person shooting and hack n' slash melee combat.


The plot follows treasure hunter Ayumi, who is trapped on a mysterious island and separated from her treasure hunting partner Zero. Ayumi must deal with multiple factions, including the Skyguard, the Hordes of Chaos and fellow humans, on a mysterious path of discovery.


Standard two button attack based action and extreme player character mobility are the core gameplay mechanics. Time manipulation, in the form of a rewind ability, is mainly utilised for multiple switch based puzzles and boss encounters. This ability is limited to 10-15 seconds and slowly refills over time. As the game progresses there is a light RPG layer with a limited selection of gear and a degree of character customisation, although by the endgame the main character should be equipped with every ability available. The game also features third person shooting action, though the applicability of this is limited to certain encounters.

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