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The Bloatflies are flies that have been mutated by radiation. Bloatflies will attack from far away and are usually found in groups.


 There are only two types of Bloat Flies that can be encountered.

Bloat Fly

This is the most common type of Bloat Fly. Bloat Flies are very weak and will used ranged attacks. Due to Bloat Flies small size they can be difficult to shoot at without the aid of V.A.T.S. 

Legendary Bloat Fly

 The Legendary Bloatfly is a much larger variant of the normal Bloat Fly. On top of the difference in size, the Legendary Bloatfly is also much stronger than it's normal version. The Legendary Bloadfly also has a green colored aura that surrounds it and will fly up in the air higher than the normal Bloatfly.

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