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Goodsprings Cemetery is located just a short walk North-east of Goodsprings On Fallout: New Vegas. There are 29 graves situated here, including the one that your character has been dug up from. There are 5 burial mounds that may be dug up that contain various rounds of ammo. Also present is a single Broc Flower plant that relates to the tutorial quest when you start the game, and a collectible Snowglobe towards the rear of the Cemetary. Sometimes there are Bloatflies buzzing around which do not pose much of a threat.

The burials mounds may be dug up with the use of a Shovel, which you can either purchase from the Goodsprings General Store, or you may collect one from the Goodsprings Water Supply Pump that you visit in the tutorial quest. Only then will you be able to loot graves (this includes any future graves you may find on your travels, so keep your shovel handy).

During the opening scene, some men are seen digging a grave. This is in fact the grave that is found in the cemetery. Several cigarette butts can be found scattered around the grave, hinting to Benny's appearance very early on in the story. The cigarette butts may also be saved and used as evidence as part of a quest later in the game.

Dangerous Locations

Surrounding the cemetery are various areas that can be hazardous and potentially lethal to the unprepared adventurer. Beyond the water tower at the rear of the gravesite is a valley filled with Giant Radscorpions that are extremely strong against new players. Another area to be cautious of is to the west of the cemetery along the road that leads north out of town. It ends at a Tribal village that is overrun by Cazadores and again these creatures are very strong and very deadly. It is recommended to avoid these places until your character is a lot stronger and has better weapons.

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