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Hanssen's Review for BloodRayne for the Game Cube 0

  My review of BloodRayne for the Game Cube.   BloodRayne is made by Majesco Games in association with Terminal Reality.   My review is below:  Well this game is the first game I bought and it is Rayne that got me back to playing video games since I had the Sega Genesis.   Thanks Rayne and Majesco for doing that.  Rayne is a half-human/half-vampire hybrid known as a dhampir.  BloodRayne is the first game where she starts her never ending quest to find and kill Kagan her father.   This game ta...

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dhampire's slaying nazi's what could be better 0

the year is 1930-ish WWII is approaching and you are agent bloodrayne a sexy dhampire who's gonna kill all the nazi's but first you might want to kill so mutants in louisiana heres my review of bloodrayne.if i had to list the top games that were the most fun bloodrayne would rank somewhere near #1 this game is pretty much everything you want in a video game. gameplay is simple find enemies kill them in various ways and move on the game is very short which makes it better because a long game w...

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