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Baby's First RPG

Insofar as RPGs go, this one has everything someone as OCD as myself could want: a HUGE list of collectible items, likable characters, gameplay that (while sometimes repetitive) doesn't involve much quick button mashing, and an almost fully interactive world [read: I can search almost everything and quite literally kick the rocks]. All of that was done well with, at times, amusing name translations for items and characters.

The down side (and it's major considering my favorite RPG ever is Chrono Trigger) involves things like the lack of save points in looooooong "dungeons" and a story that apparently had a not-very-bright six year old write the so-called script. There are spots in it that show you exactly how much the voice actors thought what they were reading stunk. Sarcasm very apparent. Also, the storyline is something like "mash all the GREAT storylines you've ever seen in a game together so SURELY it will turn out at least good".

All-in-all, I think it's a game worh playing. Don't take it seriously, as even my girls think the story is lacking, but do play it.


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