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Brief History of Bo Jackson

Bo Who?

Bo Jackson is an athlete that played professional sports in the 1990's. He's best known for his dominance at running back for the Los Angeles Raiders in the National Football League and his successful run in Major League Baseball as a Chicago White Sox, a California Angel, and a Kansas City Royal. His popularity would lead to a series of Bo Jackson commercials called "Bo Knows". In the commercials, different star athletes and other popular stars would comment on how "Bo Knows" everything like he's inhuman.  Unfortunately, Bo Jackson's career as a sports athlete wouldn't last. In one of his games as a Raider, he had a big running play. He was running along sidelines, but the defense was catching up. Instead of stepping out of bounds, he pushed for extra yards and ending up getting tackled in a dangerous manner. He badly injured his hip, and it didn't recover fully since. The injury caused him to leave professional football.  Bo Jackson still had some success as a baseball player. Bo's hip injury didn't allow him to move like he use to. However, with his brute strength, Jackson was able to still hit a lot of home runs.

Bo Jackson in Video Games

Like most very popular athletes, Bo Jackson would have his own set of video games named after him. These games were Bo Jackson's Hit and Run! Baseball and Football for the Gameboy, and Bo Jackson's baseball for the Nintendo Entertainment System. However,  Bo Jackson is best remembered for his presence in the football video game Tecmo Bowl for the Nintendo. Bo Jackson was the fastest player in the game. He was so fast that he literally broke the game, as no team in the game had defensive players that could catch him.  Players who mastered Bo Jackson could run back and forth across the field without getting tackled as many times as they wanted.  His latest appearance in a video games so far was in NFL Street 2, released in 2004.

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