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Bomber Raid is a modern military-themed vertical shoot-em-up by Sanritsu and is remarkable for being the last Japanese Sega Master System game, if not particularly remarkable in any other respect.


The game consists of 5 levels that cycle through upon completion, possibly indefinitely.

The plane's 'shot' is upgraded by picking up green 'P' canisters that appear from certain UFO saucer like enemies with flashing red/green centers as the player progresses through the level (careful, some of them turn into fast spiked discs instead of providing canisters). There are many levels of power for this shot and will take about a level and a half to max it out, increasing in strength and spread over time. Death completely resets the level of the 'shot' and the player must start again from its base level.

There are also green 'S' canisters that will upgrade Speed. This is also completely reset upon death.

The player can also pick up two small squadron planes to assist them that can fire in 4 different directions from a numbered red canister - depending on the number of the squadron canister the player picks up. It is possible to alter the number on those canisters by shooting them. Shooting them too much, however, will destroy them. The squadron planes can be destroyed the same way the player can, by colliding with enemies or their bullets.

There is also the secondary 'Cluster Bomb' that is a powerful area of effect weapon of limited supply which is affected by the number of squadron planes the player has.

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