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Lovable characters and a thrilling storyline make Bone awesome!

Bone: Out From Boneville is based on the first volume of the Bone comic series by Jeff Smith and follows the adventures of Fone Bone and his two cousins, and is the first Bone game to be released by Telltale Games, with more to be released in episodic format. It is very rare that you will see a point-and-click game on the market, but Bone: Out From Boneville is just that. The main difference between this game and old games from the adventure game genre is that Bone takes point-and-click into full 3D and pulls it off very well.

To move about you simply click to where you want to go and your character will move there. If you can walk somewhere your cursor will represent feet, eyes if it is to look at something and a pointing hand if you can interact with something in some way. Your inventory (with not much space in it) is represented by a backpack in the bottom left of your screen, which you can open simply by clicking on it. The fact that the way you control the character is very simple will appeal to all gamers, new or old.

Of course, an adventure game is nothing without a decent plot, so you'll be happy to hear that Out From Boneville has one. At the beginning of the game you find out that Fone Bone (the character you control the most), Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone have been run out of their hometown Boneville due to Phoney Bone and his schemes to try and make money. The trio are lost in the desert and only have a badly drawn map to find out just where they are. However, the cousins are separated when a swarm of locusts comes up and attacks them. You are now in control of Fone Bone and you must now try and find your two cousins by talking too many lovable characters and visiting different locations.

During the game you will meet many different characters - Thorn, Ted, a red dragon and more. But a main part about adventure games is the script and voice acting, due to the fact that you'll encounter a lot of it - so, is the script and voice acting any good? You bet it is. It is some of the best voice acting in recent games, especially from the likes of Ted and the rat monsters. The script is also funny and will actually have you laughing aloud at some points.

The graphics in this Bone adventure are really smooth and represent the comic world nicely, which the game can get away with. The animations are also well done and nicely used throughout the game. There was only one minor problem during the game, where the heads of the characters were jumping about a lot, but this only happened about twice and doesn't remove from overall enjoyment of the game. The music is also superb, and that isn't said lightly. This is really some great music.

There are two main playable characters in the game (ignoring when you control people like Ted for one minute) and they are Fone Bone and Phoney Bone. The game will have you play as Fone Bone to start with, meeting all the characters and getting to the desired location, and you'll then switch over to Phoney Bone and meet all the same characters your cousin did, with different reactions from them due to Phoney's behaviour. It's a nice feature to be able to go back and visit the places from a different point of view, and it surprisingly doesn't feel repetitive (because you don't have to spend as long as Fone Bone did in the places).

The biggest letdown to the whole game is the fact it is just too short. Although you are only paying £6.50 for the game (which is a pretty good deal), you just feel as if the game should have gone on for a bit longer, probably double what it was (two hours). However, if you are looking for a good, quick game then Bone: Out From Boneville will be just fine.

Bone: Out From Boneville is a brilliant first game from Telltale and the Bone series, and hopefully the game will retain its charm throughout the games to come. The only suggestion to improve the game is of course the length of it, which needs to be improved on quite a lot. Apart from that, Out From Boneville is a funny, solid game.
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