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The boomerang bros are a koopa like cousin to the hammer bros which use boomerangs instead of hammers. 


Super Mario Bros. 3

 Boomerang bros throwing their boomerangs at mario.
The boomerang bros made their debut in Super Mario bros 3.They were common enemies in Desert Land.  In this game they be defeated by jumping on them or throwing a fireball or shell. In Dark Land the bros. appear as captains of Bowser's Tank and forces.

New Super Mario bros.

In this game the boomerang bros rarely appeared but did appear in World 2,7 and 8.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

In this sequel boomerang bros appeared again but only appeared in world 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Booomerang bros here appeared in their first 3D platformer. Yoshi can catch the boomerangs and spit them back at the bros.

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