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The Grandmaster Galaxy is the final galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. This is where the player puts all of the skills to the ultimate test. If your Power Star total reaches 240, then you'll earn The Ultimate Test mission and if you succeed, then everything that you've learned leads up to the Perfect Run as the final mission. Complete them both, and the final two Power Stars are yours! 


  • The Ultimate Test - In this mission, Mario and Luigi must complete the ultimate challenge where everything that they have learned is put to the test. Complete it, and you'll earn a Power Star.
  • The final mission of the game, The Perfect Run. Reach to the end and get the last Power Star!
    The Perfect Run
    - If the Prankster Comet is in play, then this is where the game gets a lot tougher in the final mission. This is the same as the first one except that there are no Checkpoint Flags in this mission. If you succeed, then you'll meet Rosalina and then, grab that final Power Star to finish the mission and the game!

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