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Got a tenner burning a hole in your pocket? Then look elsewhere. 0

 Yet another awful game that will only get played and purchased (please don't) due to a Steam free weekend.Essentially, it's a 2D Unreal Tournament knockoff with strangely high system requirements and a frighteningly low fun factor.  The levels look like something out of a Worms game, with gaps everywhere and platforms all over the place.  I love Worms, but it doesn't work here.There is a variety of weapons, all of which feel vastly underpowered except for the rockets and green energy gun.  The ...

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Booster Trooper Review 0

By - Richard J.It seems that every year shooter games find a new gimmick to add. Just look at Gears of War's hoard mode. How many games have taken that mode and slapped their own coat of paint on it? Starting with Halo: Reach, it appears that this year's gimmick is jet packs. Halo will have them, Kill zone will have them, and there are many more shooters that have yet to be revealed.At this perfect time to jump into this gimmick and not seem unoriginal, Booster Trooper has taken it and built a p...

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