The loot system seems broken. Does it get better?

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#51 Posted by DocPorpoise (143 posts) -

i've solo'd to lvl 16, took me 15 hours and i've found mad loot. got to check those nooks and crannies... and porta potties.

#52 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

I've had the game work ass backwards for me, where I've been finding better and more unique loot on my solo characters rather than the character I'm playing in a group with.

#53 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

I am also on an hour+ per level, at level 28 now. Some of you guys are crazy fast I don't get how you do it. It's not like I am doing trivial quests, I am usually doing stuff around my level.

#54 Posted by laserbolts (5472 posts) -

Nah it's fine you are just having shitty luck. I just finished a playthrough and found there was great variety the whole game and didn't have the issues you are having. As fast as you pull the trigger is awesome as well. It's not broken just relax. You will find some good guns if you look.

#55 Posted by JoeyRavn (5131 posts) -

I'm having a really shitty time with my Gunzerker because I'm getting mostly crappy weapons, or weapons that I just don't like (like explosive ones). I started a Commando and got much better weapons with him.

So, yeah, it's all a matter of luck, really.

#56 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (467 posts) -

I've played Co-op Gunzerker up to level 15, and solo Assassin up to level 10. Both I have had a nice variety of drops and chest loot. In my co-op game I'm actually struggling more. First of all, the 'Zerker needs specific types of guns. I have been trying to use a Shotgun/AR combo, but I find I don't have the survivability yet to get in close with the Shotgun. The ARs, so far, aren't that great. Secondly, I am specing out my guy for a co-op role, and therefore just because I found a great sniper doesn't mean I can't hang back and snipe. But I have grabbed some nice Shotguns, and my co-op buddy has some nice snipers and a really great SMG for his level (playing Siren). Its a Bandit dual clip plus either shock or slag.

Solo I am using a pistol/sniper rifle setup on an Assassin. Only level 10 there, but I have found a 12 round sniper doing 444 critical damage (I have put skill points into boosting critical). Still early, but the drops have been enjoyable enough.

I will say, in both games, I am so far absolutely awash in pistols. Every outhouse locker seems to have 3 pistols in it. Every loot chest has them as well. And they are ridiculously varied!

My gripe with the loot is that it often forces your hand in play style. Sometimes all I can get are rocket weapons, when what I really want is a bullet hose. In co-op this is a problem, because I have a role to play with my partner. If you are playing solo, I would suggest being flexible. I have tried a few different play styles with my solo assassin, and have learned a ton about the way weapons and systems in the game work. Sure, I'm only level 10 so its still early, but I find several approaches work.

Also, my co-op buddy says that he can see a marked difference between co-op and solo loot. I haven't noticed it so much myself. I dunno OP, personally I am having a ton more fun with this loot than in D3. In D3 I find myself just sort of rolling through, incrementally increasing, but never 1)finding a great item that is really exciting or 2) finding something that is tailor made for a specific play style that I want to try something new.

#57 Posted by LawGamer (472 posts) -

If your're really having trouble finding good loot, you could always look for the Mamaril dude in Sanctuary. He gives you an item almost every time you talk to him. I've gotten mostly blue stuff from him, including a really good assault rifle and pistol.

#58 Posted by Apollo87 (149 posts) -

@Tennmuerti said:

Quest loot: will always be rewarded based on the level of the quest, not your level.

I find hard to believe this statement. I did the Firehawk quest and my solo character got a lvl 11 shield and my co-op character got a lvl 8, same quest, same class and same lvl.

As for the loot I haven't had any issues. I'm using Shotguns and SMGs and I'm rolling with 2 purple SMGs, one corrosive and one fire, and a blue shotgun that does shock damage. I also have a purple slag SMG that I equip when playing co-op. So if you're having a hard time coming by some good loot Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary always gives decent stuff thats scaled to your level and you can farm him by just reloading the game or leaving Sanctuary, if you don't like what he gives you sell it and play Moxxi's slots with the money.

#59 Posted by kishinfoulux (2857 posts) -

No it won't get better. That's why I abuse endless Gold Keys. ^_^

Game won't reward me so I take matters into my own hands.

#60 Edited by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@Apollo87 said:

@Tennmuerti said:

Quest loot: will always be rewarded based on the level of the quest, not your level.

I find hard to believe this statement. I did the Firehawk quest and my solo character got a lvl 11 shield and my co-op character got a lvl 8, same quest, same class and same lvl.

There is always some degree of randomization to gear even quest reward gear. This includes item level, it's the same reason you can find items that deviate by a level in vending machines or loot boxes.

This statement is based on people confirming that when they rush ahead and do higher level quests ahead of time they can get items that they can't even wear yet because the items are higher level and everyone who is a completionists and are overleveled for the quets they are doing get guest rewards of lower level that are useless to them. The correlation is found between reward and quest level, not reward and player level.

LIke you said yourself your characters were both the same level, doing the same quest, so your class level (or the quest level) is was not a factor.

I got that same shield it was lvl 9 for example.

#61 Edited by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

Yeah now it definitely seems true to me. Loot drops have variety but they're mostly common. I understand I'm fighting common enemies, but even so there should be a chance for a legendary drop. Quest rewards are the best way to get good stuff early on, and hopefully when I've completed them I can do some boss runs.

#62 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

I think they need to restructure the loot system and the difficulty curve to be honest. In the first game, enemies in areas would stay the same, but more would spawn depending on your level to increase difficulty. In this game, enemies scale to you in addition to more enemies spawning. While you get more loot, most of the loot seems pretty darn worthless if you ask me. In the first game, roughly 15-20 hours in, I'd consistently get Blues and Purples. Here, I'm lucky to get Blues at 20-25 hours in. It's frustrating.

#63 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

Loot tracks with my level fine for me, and the variety has been wonderful thus far.

#64 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

After about 30 hours in a 3-player game (around level 28 now), we've been having pretty terrible luck - a single e-tech weapon, no oranges/yellows and only 3(4?) purple items, some of them not good enough to use.

A few interesting weapons, like the shotgun shooting rockets, which I may post in the gun-thread later. But it's been a bit underwhelming and has caused a bit of lootdrama surrounding the few interesting items.

Still loving the game though!

#65 Posted by golguin (4595 posts) -

I was in a group of 4 and we played for 3 hours around lv 20-22 and we got amazing weapons. Blues were dropping fairly frequently and I swapped out around 5 guns (usually carry around 12), my class mod, and my grenade mod. The thing is that I had the 5% magic drop rate relic and I think some of the others did as well.

I don't know how the numbers work when determining the drop rate with a full group and the 5% magic drop, but it seems pretty substantial.

#66 Posted by kishinfoulux (2857 posts) -

@rebgav said:

@kishinfoulux said:

No it won't get better. That's why I abuse endless Gold Keys. ^_^

Game won't reward me so I take matters into my own hands.

I was in a game with three dudes who were using hacked characters and infinite keys and it was utterly tedious. Every time that they met resistance it was back to Sanctuary to open the chest a couple of hundred times to get OP guns. IT took about two hours to complete two quests.

I'm totally fine with people cheating like crazy in a non-competitive game but jesus it was boring.

Oh I don't open the chest with I'll just start an offline game every couple of levels and equip myself as necessary. When I jump online I'm ready to go.

#67 Posted by OldManLight (1086 posts) -

all the loot i've come across has been about (pulling numbers out of my butt here) 15% trash that i don't even pick up, 70% loot that is either worth selling or marginally better than what i've currently got equipped, 5% loot that i'm underleveled for, and 10% loot that makes me smile because it's awesome. The 10% always wins.

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