UK - Anyone want to play Borderlands?

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Hey all :)

Just wondering if anyone wanted to play the game with a fellow UK bomber?

Only just started playing and I have a level 19 hunter. Planning to make others too. I also have Zombie, Armory and Claptrap DLC.

A question as well if I may. When should I tackle the DLC? I guess the Armory and Claptrap should be done after the main story but is the Zombie one ok to do whenever? Also I heard about playthrough 1 and 2. Should I wait until 2 to start them or what? Its a little confusing!

My gamertag is Davechan87 if you want to add me.


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Zombie can be done when ever you want, armory and claptrap continues the story so do those in order. So main game/zombie -> Armory -> Claptrap.
Also playthrough 2 is just harder enemies and better loot, so you can it all now and again at PT2 if you so like.
Oh and Zombie will scale to your main game storyline mission level every time you go there, not your character level.

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Alas, I'd have been down but I'm on Steam. Hit the level cap with my Mordecai a couple nights ago, I swear loot/enemies have jumped up even more, getting so much better loot. And do everything in playthrough 1 and then do it all again in 2.

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well I will keep my hopes up.

I used to hate letting high level players into my games, but now I am just happy for the company. my fault for getting into the game so late. Oh well, roll on borderlands 2!

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