Braid Problems

#1 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -

Ok, so I've been wanting to start Braid again and there weird thing is every time I start up the game it's the trial game. I have redownloaded the game again and again. And when i redownload it it goes to full game, but i lose all my data. And when I start the game up again it's the trial version again. I've searched google about this and there's nothing on it. I've also completely deleted braid and my save data then redownloaded it from the dashboard and it still is the trial game. Any suggestions?

#2 Posted by PeasForFees (2415 posts) -

Buy the game

#3 Posted by Snipzor (3471 posts) -

Same problem, for some reason it can't register as a full game right away. What I've learned is that I can enter the game with another profile, and change the profile to the main one, and so it doesn't start the game right away. Causing the full game to load after a minute (or two). Just don't start the game right away. 
Also, you have to do this everytime.

#4 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -
@PeasForFees: I did buy the game
#5 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -
@Snipzor: Hmm... That seems kind've like a hassle...
#6 Posted by PeasForFees (2415 posts) -
@Fullmetal216: Yeah I was kidding, Did you delete the trial?
#7 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -
@PeasForFees: Yeah, but you don't need to, when you buy the full game of something then the trial (should be) automatically deleted.
#8 Posted by PeasForFees (2415 posts) -
@Fullmetal216: Would help other people if you posted platform
#9 Posted by Snipzor (3471 posts) -
@Fullmetal216: Yeah, it is, but I've got no other solution, and when I said minutes, I meant seconds. If you just want to play the full game right now, just now though, you can start the game and pause until the "Unlock full game" choice leaves. But after that you've got to go through my original solution every time if you want to continue from the last point.
#10 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -

agh... You would think they fixed that problem. Alright thanks for the advice I will try it and see how that goes

#11 Posted by T0mF5 (937 posts) -

The same thing happened to me after I got a new Xbox 360.
#12 Posted by PerryVandell (2194 posts) -

All right, well it works when i sign out and then sign back in. Thanks guys

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