"Full Speed Run" Trophy

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I am wondering if this also happened to any of you... 
On PS3 I just completed the 45 minutes full speed run (43 min) in order to get the trophy but nothing happened after doing it (NO trophy awarded).
What the hell? did anyone have this same problem? 
On the 360 game does the same issue happen?
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That sucks. I couldn't imagine possibly pulling off that speed run, man.

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@TheGreatGuero said:
"That sucks. I couldn't imagine possibly pulling off that speed run, man. "

Thanks for your answer man, I guess no one else cares about this game even thou Ryan gave it 5 starts. LOL
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Since it's pretty old by now I'm not surprised that anyone has took up too much interest in it as of late. I can't answer your question though since I only played it on PC. Well done though, I wouldn't be arsed to do that.

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I mean, the game came out a year and a half ago, but no, the achievement isn't glitched on the 360.

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They recently put it out for the PS3. I dont have a 360 so I didnt know when it came out. Thanks thou for the answer, I guess Ill have to wait and see if they release a patch or something

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