Bravely Default Friend Code Exchange Thread

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Hey! My friend code is 2466-1836-1723. I'll add the last page and the ones that follow. Otherwise, let me know if you want to add me!

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My FC is 2036-7076-9460

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Add me: 5155-3842-0892

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Just started the game but here is mine: 2380-4446-8064

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All right, let's do this thing. 3308-5421-7954 is mine.

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Finally picked up a copy, lets get to building. 2337-2915-1056.

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I'm adding some of you guys. I'm still early in the game, but hopefully I can be of assistance later on.

Mine i s 1907-9494-8053

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I have been kinda lazy in not putting my friend code up here yet.

But here it is now! 0216-1604-2687

I got done with Chapter 3 and just grinding to make my pirate/swordmaster combo as well as spellfencer/ninja combo.

Oh yeah, I added you @batotaku13

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Hi can you guys add me pls :D? My friend code is 0361-7581-1766. LMK if you added me so I can add you too.

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just started ch. 3, party set up in progress:

Tiz- Pirate/Knight

Agnes- White Mage/Summoner

Ringabel-Spell Fencer/Thief


I'll add you guys when I get the chance in a couple days.

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now when i add friends, do i need to put your 3ds ID name? if you need mine, it's Neal

#375 Posted by JBG4 (674 posts) -

@batotaku13: you don't have to... It's kind of just a placeholder.

Once they add you after you've added them their actual 3DS name will show up.

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I've sunk 50 hours into this game and should be levels 9-14 in every skill except Conjuror. Since this game is like crack, I'll probably sink 50 more until I'm level 14 in everything. I got lucky early on and somehow had two people with maxed skills on my list, so looking to pass it forward.

3136 6902 8084 (jeremy)

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Good Lord, there are a lot of codes in this thread.

I...I guess I'll put mine up and start adding from the beginning?

3411 - 1703 - 9147 is my code. Here's hoping it helps someone out. Thanks in advance if you put your code up.

@pedro@bilbycoder@evanomeara@jamesjeux007@kidavenger@zyzus@andcarlsen Added you scrappy fellas, took a mix from the first and last page.

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@jbg4m gracias.

i'll keep adding you guys as you keep adding me. working on pirate, spellfencer, performer, and valkyrie jobs in ch. 3 now.

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0662-4614-7689 add me ~ Alekzander, k thx if u do.

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Is this thing still going? I just got into this. 2418-9099-5097

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@zakn: tried to add you and it told me your FC was invalid mate...

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added your fc..

here my fc 2681-0950-9182

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I added a few of you guys so here is my friend code 3823-8536-8997. Beware, I suck at this game.

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The name is Chris and the code is 2079-7983-5843. Plz add and thanks a lot.

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My friend code is 5112 - 3654 - 1089. Not too far into the game yet.

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My friend code is 0104 - 0410 - 5702. Help me rebuild this damn village.

#399 Posted by alyt9870 (28 posts) -

I added the four most recent codes. Mine is 4441-9852-5606.

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Hi all, I'm still new to Bravery Default, just got to the Thief job part and where I have to fight the black dragon, and have been getting my butt handed to me, help please? My party currently all lvl 14's but for Edea whose lvl 13....

Fc :4656-7762-0241

Nickname : Renji

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