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After being drafted by the San Fransisco Giants in 2003 as a starting pitcher, Wilson converted himself into a relief pitcher because he was sick of losing and then having to wait several days until he got to play again. Wilson became the full-time closing pitcher for the Giants in August of 2008 and has been voted to the All-Star Game in 2009 and 2010.   
Wilson in the World Series  Game 5.
After every save, he does a cross arm salute facing the rear of the mound that he says is a salute to his faith and to his father, who died when he was 17. Wilson also regularly does crossword puzzles and says he hopes to one day be the answer to a crossword clue, but only a "down" clue, not across, because he says down clues are harder.
According to Brian Wilson himself, as claimed in an interview with Jim Rome on his show "Rome Is Burning", he is a "certified ninja." When asked how long it took to get certified he explained that "it happened in a dream". When asked what kind of ninja he was, he clarified that he was a "mental assassin."
Wilson also had an issue with Major League Baseball with getting fined $1000 a game for wearing orange shoes. According to MLB uniform regulations, all footwear must be at least 50% black. When asked why he was fined, Wilson answered: "For having too much awesome on my feet." He has since resolved the issue by darkening half of his shoes with a black Sharpie marker. 

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