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MLB 08: The Show is the latest in a popular franchise of baseball titles produced by Sony Studios (These games were formerly developed by 989 sports until they were reabsorbed into Sony Studios after MLB 06: The Show). The 2008 entry of the series features several notable changes and additions:
  • Deeper "Road to the Show" mode.
  • Vastly improved online gameplay.
  • Dualshock 3 Support
  • Increased realism and statistical tracking
  • All new animations
  • A more cinematic and lifelike gameplay experience

Ryan Howard is the 2008 iteration's cover athlete and the game features a bevy of interesting modes. Those of note are:

Road to the Show-Create a Player and lead him from the Minors to the Big Leagues by completing goals and improving your skills.
Franchise-Lead a team from the bottom or take a perennial contender and send them over the top. The Franchise mode allows you to assume the role of Owner, General Manager, Coach, and Player of your favorite ball club.
Online-Ranked matches, Player matches, Leagues, and Tournaments are all options here. The mode really shines with the regularly updated rosters and SCOUT (SportsConnect Online User Tracking) that records all of the players statistics.
Create-a-Player-The great graphics make this mode a joy to fool around with. The feature lacks the facial customization depth of a Tiger Woods, however.

There is also a PSP version of this game, both are produced by Sony Studios


A Tribe Called Quest -- Award Tour
The Blood Arm -- Suspicious Character
Franz Ferdinand -- The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
Hot Hot Heat -- My Best Friend
Kenna -- Out of Control (State of Emotion) - XXXChange Remix
No More Kings -- Sweep the Leg (Remix)
Queens of the Stone Age -- In the Fade
The Ramones -- Blitzkrieg Bop
Thin Lizzy -- Jailbreak
War -- Low Rider
ZZ Top -- I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

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