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Ok so this will read as somewhat a lecture on Anarchy Mode Tactics- but this is also supposed to be a discussion starter- so don't be scared off.  
Ok, so I'm getting pretty into Anarchy mode.  While playing with randos and having any more than 1 guy who just wants to shoot dudes, and not get skillshots TOTALLY ruins the game, it's generally good.  I actually have had the majority of my online experiences be with people playing for score, not kills.
However, here's my beef.  Once I get settled into a long run of Anarchy mode- I find myself consistently outscoring the rest of the team.  In the majority of the cases, this outscoring is outscoring combined, not just being the top scorer.   So here's the thing I've noticed- alot of dudes are going for single skillshot skills (ie- just a bullet kick or bullet slide) and single skillshot kills of their own (ie not a team bullet slide).  Alot of dudes are also straight killing dudes and getting themselves killed as well.  So I'd like to start a thread up of talking about how to play Anarchy mode.  When I'm playing with people who talk I hear alot about buffing the personal category, or buffing their assault rifle, or saving up for a thumper unlock.  What I hear less of is unlocking new weapons.  Further- when people unlock weapons i seem to see the penetrator unlocked the most.  Now I'm not entirely sure, but the penetrator seems to work pretty poorly as a team weapon, as hitting a dude with a screw seems to straight kill him.
Ok so some details about what I saw from the anarchy leaderboards- until I passed the second place dude (napalm) in total kills, I was pretty far ahead of him in skillpoints.  Skillpoints, not kills are how you advance rounds- so I thought that was interesting.  What I'm saying here, is maybe people are running around killing dudes rather than accumulating points.  
So my question- how do you approach anarchy mode?  What unlock schedule do you follow and what tactics do you use in battle?
And my answer- 
After the first round (or two) I spend my points refilling my rifle charge shots and save the rest for a Flail Gun unlock.  Then i spend money refilling my Flail Gun ammo and both guns' charge shots after each round until I can unlock a thumper.  After that I tend to unlock the Flail Gun's charge shots each round.  During the round- i use my flail gun exclusively until I run out of ammo (using charge shots only on groups of 2+ enemies) or until we beat the score goal.  In almost every case, when we reach the score mode I switch to my assault rifle and back off the crazy kills.  Sometimes I'll use my flail gun more if I want/need extra points.  If I unlock blood symphony during a round and we have the score beat, I won't use it until the next round, even then saving it for if we need the extra score.
Here's why I use the flail gun- if I hit a dude with a grenade and let him be and a teammate kills him, we both get sadist points.  That's on top of whatever else he does.  That seems to improve the value of other skillshots performed on the enemy.  Also gang bang, homie missle, smart mine, minefield and chain reaction are great point multipliers on groups of enemies.   Plus getting those as a team score (ie teammate kicks my flailed dude into a group of enemies and I explode the grenade) adds up really quick.  Also, because the flail gun acts as a points modifier (if you kill the guy by another means than the grenade flail), its a good gun for when your teammates are somewhere else and you need to kill some dudes.  
As the rounds progress I usually spend my points on gun upgrades and thumper upgrades.  I almost never upgrade my personal skills (speed, defense, power).  I do upgrade power here and there because it extends blood symphony.  I rarely die so defense is useless and with the slide you can move around the map fast, so speed goes that way as well.
so what are your thoughts about how you play?

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i fucking hate those douchebags who just straight up chargeshot the team challenges, the multiplayer is ok but i started 5-6 games and havent managed to finish one of them due to it disconnecting in later rounds :(

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@buft:  That sucks, have you put your gamertag in the gamertag thread?  I'd be up for playing some.  Also- i've never made it past round 10 or 12 I think.  If as a team we get stuck for a few times i'll usually go find a new game.

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