Can't find Bulletstorm disk... Can I still play the beta if I...

#1 Posted by SuperSambo (3038 posts) -

If I buy a non epic edition of the game?

I literally have no idea where the hell my Bulletstorm disk is. I thought I took it to a friends but he says it isnt there and it is nowhere in my house.

If I buy a new copy of the game that is non epic edition, can I still play the beta if I have already downloaded the code?


#2 Posted by Enigma777 (6239 posts) -


Just preorder Gears 3 and get the beta that way.
#3 Posted by Bollard (6542 posts) -
@Enigma777 said:
" Nope.

Just preorder Gears 3 and get the beta that way."
Yeah this - you'll have to wait a week longer to play it though, but seriously its not worth buying BulletStorm again.
#4 Posted by SuperSambo (3038 posts) -

Even though I downloaded the epic edition download?

It wasnt on the disk, and it seemed that without the download it was just the normal disk.

#5 Posted by SuperSambo (3038 posts) -


Also @chavtheworld and @Enigma777

#6 Posted by Eversoranimus (126 posts) -

You could try renting the game to see if you can.

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