Is the PC version of Bully worth it?

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Fellow bombardiers, the PC version of Bully has gone on sale for the low low price of 2 and a half squid. However when the game was released everybody pretty much said that this was a prime example of a shoddy port. Does anybody know if they released any patches which fixed its launch issues?

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Rockstar ports will never be great but it is fine. I wouldn't rush though, it'll be on sale at Christmas. Probably cheaper. I picked it up cheaper than that last christmas.

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I never had any real issues with it. That means little, of course, but yeah.

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@AlisterCat: It costs almost nothing right now ($3.74/€2.50/£2.49), I don't see a reason to wait.

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If you can, play it with a controller. Two taps can make Jimmy rotate 180° (almost as though it was designed for an analog stick) while it takes a couple seconds of holding down a key to make Jimmy run at full speed. Anything that requires you to throw/shoot, whether it be a part of a mission or in combat, is heavily auto-aimed. Never crashed on me or anything like that. For a port, the game is fine.

As for the story, it's one Rockstar's worst. The ending is completely predictable and the characters are nothing but generic stereotypes. The game itself is still great. So many awesome things you can do that you simply couldn't do in any GTA game. Also for as much controversy as the game itself got, no one ever dies in the game. Beat up a kid, they only get knocked out. Running over someone with a bike only stuns them and they get right back up to chase you. Music is fantastic too.

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I found it pretty terrible, with the FPS locked at 30, to be the most significant problem.

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Lots of glitches and bugs and horrible interface for the PC. Good luck.

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I thought the majority of the bugs were patched, not sure though.

I'm pretty certain there is a patch to fix the 30 fps cap though.

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I bought it earlier this year and really liked it on PC. The controls are very console-y and need some getting used to, but once you do, the game is really fun. Looks great, runs fine and ofcourse, being a GTA-esque game, it's fun as fuck. 
I say go for it, especially that it's so cheap.

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Having never played Bully on any platform, yes, it is worth it. What isn't worth $2.50? That is 22 minutes of a summer blockbuster, 2 sodas at my vending machine, 1/2 of my daily commute, 1/3 of a book. From what I hear about Bully, it's worth $2.50 just to see if it's worth spending $20 for it on a console.

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Yes, just get a 360 controller or install x360ce, because the keyboard mapping is atrocious and you'll eat your hands trying to set-up an older gamepad properly.

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