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Bully: Scholarship Edition Review 0

Bully is based in and around the schoolyard of one of the roughest schools in the world, at the beginning you'll be dropped off outside Bullsworth academy by your Mother and stepdad, this will be your home for the next year while they are on a very long cruise. After some brief introductions you are left to make your own way in the school, you have two classes a day to attend and various side missions and a main quest to follow to advance the story. The game has a very open feel and there is muc...

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Rockstar's child friendly effort deserves your attention 0

Going into Bully: Scholarship Edition I was definitely excited to try a completely different experience from one of my favorite publishers, Rockstar Games. Being a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Max Payne I wanted to see whether the usually adult company could create a world and story not involving murders, drugs and the usual Rockstar conventions. What I got was a fantastic concept with likeable characters and varied gameplay. Bully stands alone as a completely different experience t...

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great game,but......... 0

love this game . its good you have to option to do quests or just chill at school or at town and just beat up kids and throw stink bombs.there is just one problem constant glitches i got stuck on my scooter and couldn't get off of it. other than that i love it, i love the graphics and what your able to do like go in the girls dorm. ect. great game give it four stars....

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You'll have to look past a lot of bugs and glitches. 0

Bully is one of the most entertaining games ever made. Why this is is fairly apparent. It's a Rockstar game that plays like GTA and who better than to rip off GTA than Rockstar themselves? But that's not what Bully is all about. Sure, it's another open world game and that's been done a million times before but that's beside the point. Bully offers an experiance that many other games strive for but fail to accomplish. It offers an engaging story that will keep you playing just to see what will ha...

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Bully:Scholarship Edition (Wii) 2

Imagine you are a thug, who gets expelled from nearly every school you went to,your Mother runs off and marries some random guy for his money and then ditches you at the lousiest boarding school on the face of Earth. Now you're in the shoes of the games protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins.Bully is a game that feels like a Grand Theft Auto game at heart, but it has a couple of things you may or may not like. The Wii controls take some time to learn, but when you do it comes so natural you don't even notic...

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A glitchy port of a fun game. 0

One thing is for certain - applying the sandbox environment Rockstar is famous for to a boarding school concept filled with school bullies, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, greasers and townies is a great idea and for the most part, it works wonderfully. There is alot to see and do on the campus of Bullworth and the surrounding towns, and the game will keep you entertained and busy for the 25-30 hours it will take you to reach the end.You play through the game as Jimmy Hopkins, a smart-mouthed but en...

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High school boiled down 0

It's rare that a developer goes from make a adult game about crime with very adult themes. To making a game about a high school kid who moves to a school for child delinquents and socially challenged kids, but in a lot of ways Bully is like a GTA. For example Bully is a giant open world with stuff to collect, bike races to do, arcade games to play, and much more to just kind of find.The mission structure is very similar to GTA, you do a bunch of work for one of the factions;like the jocks or the...

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Bully: Scholarship Edition Review - Temporal Paste Loop 0

  Bully was a PS2 game developed by Rockstar near the release of the Xbox 360. Rockstar felt that it did not get the attention it deserved so, in 2008 they released Bully: Scholarship Edition for the 360 and Wii, The re-release brought updated graphics, new classes, missions and music. Is the game an underappreciated gem, or a poor, poor port of a decent game? Bully was a unique idea and definitely something different for Rockstar. Not the usual crime and violence oriented action adventure ...

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Bully: Scholarship Edition Review 0

When Rockstar Games announced that Bully was being remade for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii back in July 07′, I was extremely excited at the thought of a ‘next-gen’ version of one of my favourite PS2 games. I wondered what new content Rockstar would put into it and the thought of multiplayer also was a pleasant thought [Though, I was hoping for online multiplayer but never-mind]. So is this ‘Scholarship Edition’ worth buying? Let’s find out! When I first started playing Bully: SE, what stood ou...

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Bully a PS2 classic on Wii with extra stuff 0

Bully finally made it's way to the Wii if you did play the PS2 version of this classic game Canim Canis Edit your getting the same game with extras added to the game with a whole different control system. You would of never thought that Nintendo would license a game like this to be on there system but they did which is just brilliant. Extras included in Bully Scholarship edition is eight new missions, four new school classes which are biology, music, math and geography, additional characters, n...

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Awesome story w/ great gameplay, backed by bad tech. problems 0

   CONS: -Really glitchy -Graphics are not… good -Loading screens get really annoying and tedious, plus there’s like only 5 of them, and they get tiresome of looking at -Not enough info until it’s actually needed -Not the best sound design -Dialogue from in game AI is on demand, there is no flow (start and stop, for proper situations) -Animations for certain factions are funny, but it’s just dumb seeing them pulled during a class or something -Some Animations aren’t pulled off well -D...

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Bully Review 0

It's ridiculous. Throw itching powder on nerds, throwing marbles on the ground, giving someone a wedgie,bla bla bla. It has almost all the things you can do in real life. It's realistic. I climbed a ladder, avoiding the prefects and started slingshoting students. I recommend to buy this. Worth almost every penny, but a little too short....

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Bully: Scholarship Edition 0

Did you ever wonder what Grand Theft Auto would be like if it was based in a school?Yeah, me neither. Well, I hadn't until I heard about Bully. Released in 2006 for the Playstation. 2, Bully was a fun but controversial game about a bullied kid taking the fight back to the ones doing the bullying. The game got really positive reviews and the game was memorable, funny and most importantly, good. Now Bully has been given a makeover for the Xbox 360 but is this game still as fun as it was in October...

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How are there no cops with Jimmy Hopkins around? 0

  Jimmy Hopkins is one naughty little boy who doesn't always keep his nose clean when it comes to being at Bullworth. He returns from the classic on the PS2 and has brought more hijinks than any other student, or game has ever brought.You start out as Jimmy Hopkins, a boy who was recently expelled for the year, returning to Bullworth academy. If you watch the first little movie, you'll see the secretary already reconizes you and informs you that the head master is expecting you. Obiously, he ha...

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Great characters and setting make this game a winner. 0

The Bully is an open world sandbox type game set in a boarding school.  The story is kind of like all rockstar games' stories. You are a person who'll do anything for money, and who can do a lot. You get pulled in the situations because of the story's amazing characters, consisting of hypocrites, sociopaths, and plain retards. The scope of the game is amazing. You are not only bound to the school, but can go around an big enough town, on your board, cycle and more. You can even go to a carnival...

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Bully: Scholarship Edition is an enjoyable high school experience 0

Bully: Scholarship Edition is Rockstar's take on high school life. It's inmediately evident that Bully was made by the same guys as those that made GTA. Everything, from the load screens to the hilarious dialogue are feels very similar to Rockstar's controversial series. The game stars fifteen-year old Jimmy Hopkins, who gets transferred to Bullworth Academy by his dreadful mother, as she needs to get rid of him before leaving on her fifth or so honeymoon. Bully is similar to GTA, but it is obvi...

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Some Glitches, but Overall Good 0

Ahh, school. Everyone remembers the times when you ran around trying to get to math class while being chased by bigger kids with minds that are more full of ego rather than smarts. Okay, well maybe that was just me but, nonetheless, we know what school is. Some of us are done with it others, such as myself, arenearing the end. But we all know the basic principles. Rockstar takes all those principles and, as they usually do, expands them and makes them full ofcrude, yet humorous, moments and puts...

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Yet another excellent open-ended action title by Rockstar 0

Rockstar is the king of the hill when it comes to the open-ended action game, and Bully is yet another jewel in that crown. It is an excellent game, and one of the few great third party games on the Wii. It isn't quite as ambitious or addictive as Rockstar's flagship Grand Theft Auto series, but it is every bit as inventive and funny. Bully deserves to be mentioned in the same vein as the PS2 era GTA games, but perhaps one notch below. Some issues such as subpar graphics, minor control issues, a...

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Nearly 5 stars. But the issues hit the 360 version hard. 0

Bully is a game devolved by Grand Theft auto and Manhunt creators, Rockstar games. It had been a rough 18months since it had been released on the PS2 console and very little has changed since. In this review I will discuss the game, whats changed and is it really worthy a purchase if you owned the PS2 version.What I want to say before I start, please read if you want to purchace bully for 360:When first released on the 360 console the game went under a lot of poor frame rate issues and lock ups,...

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A Variety of Bad Gameplay Packaged into 1 Game 0

I have never been a huge fan of Rockstar-developed games.  I tolerated GTA: Vice City as much as the next person, but have always found more to dislike in their games than I liked.  My short 2 hours with Bully was the culmination of many frustrating elements all rolled into one package.  Since I quit the game so early, I cannot intelligently comment on whether the meat of the game gets any better further down the road.  However, I will attempt to summarize the barrage of frustration that brought...

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Scholarship Edition is a great game, glitches aside. 0

 Bully: Scholarship Edition is a port of a last-gen game so you shouldn't be coming into this expecting a pretty game. As someone who has never played the original, I loved it. It's pretty much a T-rated GTA with a few twists. There are many problems though.This game does a good job keeping you from getting bored. There's usually something to do, be it go to classes, play carnival games, or just be a bully. There are also bike races, go-kart races, job (like mowing lawns and delivering papers)an...

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Even some problems can't stop a Bully 0

Bully arrived almost two years ago on Sony's PlayStation 2. At that moment we saw Rockstar could make a game that didn't have guns, car driving, or blood. Bully follows the story of Jimmy Hawkins, a teenage boy, left behind at Bullworth Academy as his mother and new step-father drive away for the Honeymoon, which will be a year long. You are now left alone at Bullworth, to make your own path, by fitting into new groups such as the nerds or greasers, go to class, or even get a girlfriend (kissing...

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A fun, free-roaming game that uses every stereotype in the book. 0

Ever wondered what a considerably less violent free-roam Rockstar game might be like? Well Bully is that experiment. Place yourself in a school, where you do 2 classes a day, or can ditch, and adventure about the town mowing lawns, racing bikes, visiting the carnival, boxing with Preps; it's all here. While I do make that sound like a wide range of things to do, this game will last about 20-25 hours if you're going for a 100% completion, but then again, none of it is really filler. The story pr...

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Grand Theft Auto, Jr. 0

Let me get the negative stuff out of the way first: the only reason this game loses points is because it keeps freezing, a lot, and I hear a lot of other people have the same problem, so it can't just be my copy.Okay, now that that's out of the way: Bully rocks. It's everything every little mischievous kid would have wanted to do when faced with prudish authority, asinine bullies, and antagonistic prissy pricks like the rich kids. For the kids whose parents don't condone the uber-violence that i...

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Bully Scholarship Edition (360) 0

Not too long ago Rockstar games released a highly controversial game for the Playstation 2 called Bully. The game received attention from people such as Jack Thompson and has even been banned in a few countries. Now Bully has been re-released so Xbox 360 and Wii owners can experience the schoolyard mayhem featured in the first game. For those who never played the PS2 version, the game takes place in the fictional New England town of Bullworth. The game begins with our protagonist Jimmy being dr...

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