This is Burnout Crash

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I....I don't even....why is this a thing? 

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And people were actually defending this Kinect shovelware trash.....ugh

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Chinatown Wars?

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Jeff seems to think it has potential but I look at it and can't see myself playing it for very long at all before being bored.

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And here I was hoping for a real Burnout game...

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He missed the pizza truck! NOOOOO!

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I had only seen screenshots, but that looks like no fun at all... even if you play it with a controller. As a huge Criterion fan, this is kind of a bummer!

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wha-what is, it can't, no.....

Why Criterion games, why why why........ :'(
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@SeriouslyNow said:

And people were actually defending this Kinect shovelware trash.....ugh

Did you see the interview they did with Criterion for the EA Summer Showcase? Apparently its hard to drive with a regular game controller. So what I can now do with Kinect, which makes it "so much easier",  is that you can put your foot forward to go and pull your foot back to reverse and mimic holding up a imaginary steering wheel, which in the interview he actually says right out "looks ridiculous". How low functioning of people do they intend to target with the Kinect of which don't understand the concept of left trigger brake, right trigger accelerate.    
and something tells me ( I haven't played a kinect supported racing game) that using the connect to drive would require the player to always be standing up while playing, which seems from just imagining it, tedious and unimmersive.  and when it comes to burnout or any racing game for that matter the reaction time that is needed to race efficiently is already hampered by the noticeable latency of the Kinect. 
Tit'shis is a prime example of why I truly hate the Kinect,  it distracts developers into implementing shoddy, tacted on Kinect support or mini-games when they could be putting the effort towards making the core game better. ( see the first Harry Potter game that included Kinect support, ghost recon future soldier, Star Wars Kinect) 
it's not that I do not like the technology surrounding Kinect it's how Microsoft designed the hardware around it, like removing the separate processing chip from the sensor adding a very noticeable latency to the motion recognition.  Just the amount of effort that is needed to keep the Kinect from not recognizing the player correctly is the main indication of why I believe Microsoft jumped the gun too early on this tech.
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@oraknabo said:

Chinatown Wars?

Chinatown Wars is an excellent example of people thinking a game was trash upon reveal before actually playing it

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Oh, internet.

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Why don't they just make a sequel to Burnout Paradise already.

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its not a full disk game right? its a XBL title, and from the sounds of it they haven't really been working on it for very long. so who knows what else they have been working on, i don't think hitting the rage button is warranted yet.

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@kmg90: Yep and Jeff goes ahead and makes a supporting article for this trash. What's up with that?

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