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In the original Pikmin only three Burrowing Snagrets appear in the main story mode, all in The Forest of Hope, although one also appears in The Final Trial in challenge mode. In Pikmin 2 the first appearance of a Burrowing Snagret is as the boss of the dungeon White Flower Garden, however there are eight different Snagrets in the game in total, all of which appear underground. The Burrowing Snagret also appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Biology and Behavior

Burrowing Snagrets hide underground and will only surface when they sense Olimar or Pikmin nearby. Occasionally, when surfacing they will become stuck, leaving them entirely vulnerable to attack. Burrowing Snagrets attack by making quick, pecking motions, devouring any prey around them, and while they can eat up to three Pikmin at a time, they also subsist on a diet of small, surface-dwelling insects. The scales covering them make their bodies invulnerable to attack, leaving their head as their only weak spot.

According to Olimar a similar creature exists to the Burrowing Snagret called the Burrowing Snarrow, however the Snagret’s feathers have a bluish hue which the Snarrow’s don’t, and the Snagret also lacks a set of tail and wing markings which appear on the body of the Snarrow. A wide array of subspecies of the Snagret exist, living in the various different soil conditions on the Planet of the Pikmin, and the Snagret is the second most geographically represented species on the planet, next to the Bulborb. Apparently no one has ever seen the creature’s tail.

In the original Pikmin, when they are defeated they burst and drop a number of pellets, however, in Pikmin 2, when defeated, their bodies burst but their heads are left behind which are worth 15 seeds to any Pikmin able to carry them back to their onion.

The technical name of the Burrowing Snagret is unknown; however, their scientific name is Shiropedes anacondii.

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