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Assist Trophies are items that can be used in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Similar to Poké Balls, Assist Trophies when picked up and activated will summon a random character into battle. Unlike Poké Balls, the summoned character is not a Pokémon and instead is a character from other Nintendo franchises, like Little Mac from Punch-Out!!, or a Hammer Brother from Super Mario Bros.

Trophy List

Starting Trophies

The Assist Trophies available at the start are as follows:

  • Andross: Andross appears in the back ground of the arena and shoots deadly one hit kill polygons at the players.
  • Devil: the whole stage is moved by Devil.
  • Dr. Wright: Doctor Wright summons a building to rise up out of the ground which can carry opponents out of the arena.
  • Excitebikes: Riders ride around the stage hitting players.
  • Metroid: A Metroid latches onto players and attacks them thus gives them damage.
  • Mr. Resetti: Resetti begins talking about different subjects and if attacked, he causes an explosion.
  • Nintendog: A massive dog blocks the screen and the players sight .
  • Samurai Goroh: Goroh slashes his swords thus giving damage to the players while chasing opponents.
  • Saki Amamiya: Saki slashes and fires with his Cannon Sword.
  • Starfy: Starfy spins around the arena hurting players.
  • Waluigi: Waluigi repeatedly stomps players into the ground using either his stomp attack or his tennis racket
  • Hammer Bro: The Hammer Brother throws hammers hurting any players who get hit.
  • Helirin: Helirin floats around the arena and acts like a wall allowing players to smash players onto her
  • Jill: She attacks opponents with her power drill.
  • Kat & Ana: Kat and Ana fly in different directions slashing at anybody in front of them.
  • Knuckle Joe: Knuckle Joe delivers a series of jabs to his opponents and finishes with either an uppercut attack or a power punch
  • Lakitu & Spinies: Lakitu drops Spinies onto the field where he walks around hurting whoever he touches
  • Little Mac: Little Mac runs around madly punching players.
  • Lyn: Lyn delivers a single, powerful strike usually focused on one player.
  • Jeff Andonuts: Jeff shoots homing rockets at his opponents.

Unlockable Assist Trophies

Assist trophies that must be unlocked are as follows:

  • Barbara: Barbara strums on her guitar creating soundwaves. this assit trophy can only be unlocked after you obtain 25 Songs
  • Ray MK III: Ray flies up onto the stage and shoots his laser gun and missiles at the opposing characters. Unlocked by playing 100 Brawls
  • Gray Fox: Grey fox runs around slashing opponents. Also reflects stray projectiles. This assist trophy can only be Unlocked by unlocking Snake
  • Isaac: He pushes opponents off the stage by using a skill called Move. This assist trophy can only unlocked by playing 200 Brawls
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow slows down time with Chaos Control. The summoner continues to move at normal speed. This assist trophy can only be Unlocked by unlocking Sonic
  • Infantry & Tanks: Tanks and soldiers roam across the stage shooting at players.This assist trophy can only Unlocked by playing 300 Brawls

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