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You're probably tempting fate just by looking at this picture.
Chain Chomps first appeared as enemies in Super Mario Bros. 3. They are enormous spherical creatures with incredibly sharp teeth that often bark like dogs. They are one of the biggest creatures to feature in the Mario series but can easily be avoided by staying a good length away from them. Chain Chomps are typically invulnerable to fire and almost anything else that Mario can attack them with.

Chain Chomps can make cameos if they feel like it.
Chain Chomps have since appeared in different Mario games in different capacities. One of the more famous Chain Chomp appearances was the appearance of a gigantic Chomp in Bob-Omb Battlefield, the first stage in Super Mario 64. By releasing this Chomp you can get it to free a star for you, however to do so you must first avoid it's attacks. Chain Chomps come in different forms, there are the fire-breathing Fire Chomps, and the many different themed Chomps that pop up in the Mario RPG games to make things interesting. Chomps are common obstacles in the Mario Kart series, their indestructibility and fearsome appearance make them natural obstacles.

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