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Bayonetta 2 is the sequel to PlatinumGames' stylish action title Bayonetta. Published and funded by Nintendo, the game is a Wii U exclusive.

Visually, Bayonetta's character design has changed, giving her a new outfit and shorter hairstyle. The producers stated that they rationalized this change in appearance as something Bayonetta would do; they see her as a woman that makes bold changes in her appearance, and hinted at the possibility that her appearance could change again in a potential future sequel down the road.


Jeanne is now Bayonetta's ally, and she will at times aid Bayonetta in battle. However, during a portion of the game's demo presented at shows such as E3 and PAX Prime 2013, there comes a point where a demon's powerful blow knocks Jeanne's soul out of her body, and she is captured by demons before she can return to it.


Umbran Climax

Bayonetta 2 builds on the combat concepts of the original game with new features such as the Umbran Climax. This new move is tied to the magic gauge. When the gauge is filled, the Umbran Climax can be triggered by pressing the L button. While the Umbran Climax is in effect, Bayonetta's attacks will power up and she can also regain health by dealing damage.

Touch Controls

Bayonetta 2 offers two basic control methods. The game can be played with traditional button controls, or via the use of the Wii U's GamePad touch screen. The touch screen controls are geared toward lower difficulty levels.

Tag Climax - Cooperative Multiplayer Mode

Bayonetta 2 features a cooperative online multiplayer mode for two players called Tag Climax. It can be played with friends, random players or CPU. Stage setups vary between battling hordes of enemies or boss characters. Players can bet halos against other players and also exchange them to increase the difficulty which results in greater rewards.


The game will ship with both Japanese and English voice tracks included in the digital and retail versions.

The physical and digital release of Bayonetta 2 will include a Wii U port of the original Bayonetta as a bonus. This version of the original has been updated to include extra features such as costumes inspired by some of Hideki Kamiya's favorite Nintendo characters such as Link, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Samus Aran.

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