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The Arwing is the standard and current spacecraft used by the Star Fox team of mercenaries for hire.

The craft is designed by Slippy Toad's father, Beltino Toad. Proven to be combat worthy and superior to almost all weapons and enemies by Team Star Fox.

Arwing MK-1
Arwing MK-1
Equipped with a standard single barrell front-mounted laser cannons, they are upgradable to a wing-mounted dual cannon configuration.  The cannons can fire either standard hyper-lasers or charged plasma rounds.  Alternately the Arwing can build up a charge in the cannons, lock onto a target and fire a quasi-homing shot.

The Arwing has a slot that may open up underneath and fire a smart bomb or B bomb as some may call it. The bomb explodes either on direct impact with a target or if it leaves a set range.  It's also possible for the pilot to detonate the bomb manually.

Featuring an almost triangular like design, the Arwing has been updated and rarely looks the same from game to game. Consisting of a pointed nose that widens out into a triangular shape, two vertical triangular plasma engines or G Diffuser exhausts are visible and serve to propel the arwing at many different speeds. It is a capable craft both in space and atmospheric combat.  Depending on which model of Arwing you are looking at, the shape will be slightly different. In the N64 version, the Arwing has a single engine exhaust at the back of the craft, located behind the pilot that uses a different type of engine and fuel.  The SNES and N64 versions of the Arwing are known as the Mark 1

Arwing MK-1 Schematic
Arwing MK-1 Schematic
Subsequent iterations of the craft has seen the sharp angles give way to slightly smoother shapes.  The overall form is still distinctive and recognizable as an Arwing model, however they've received some refinements over the years.  The original Arwing had a very high canopy back, which gave the pilot absolutely no rear visibility.  Thankfully this was addressed, since being able to see who's behind you is usually a good thing in a dog-fight.

Arwings are capable of taking large amounts of damage, even melee attacks from enemies many times the size of the Arwing. The combination of the G Diffuser system and a surprisingly strong hull design keep them in the air. Made from special lightweight alloys, they are capable of extreme speeds through atmospheres, liquids, varying humidities and radiation, including short and brief periods through lava and magma.  They can withstand the heat of the friction generated from such speeds and environments. Specifications show they can withstand 9,000*C to be precise.

Arwing MK-2
Arwing MK-2
Despite their large protruding engine fins located towards the rear of the craft, or maybe because of them, Arwings are extremely manouverable.  They can out-manouver almost any air and space craft, with only the Wolfen proving to be just as maneuverable. It is said that they can turn almost 180* in midair due to anti-gravity technology like the G-Diffuser Engine.

The Arwing has become a recognizable icon of the Star Fox series, and is unlikely to be supplanted. 

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