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Krystal, as she appears in Starfox Adventures.

Krystal is an anthropomorphic vixen, and the most recent addition to the roster of Star Fox's team members. Found and rescued by Fox McCloud on the dinosaur planet, Sauria, where she was trapped in suspended animation by the force of Andross, she was later freed and found to be the sole survivor of the doomed planet, Cerinia. Krystal has come a long way in a short time, going from tribal princess of Sauria to becoming a skilled fighter-ship pilot, she earned herself a place on the team when Peppy Hare retired from combat to logistical work and navigation on board the Great Fox with R.O.B. the robot assistant aboard the ship.


An early version of Krystal from the N64 version of Dinosaur Planet.

Krystal was introduced in Star Fox Adventures, which during development was originally titled "Dinosaur Planet" and was unrelated to the Star Fox franchise in any way. At that time, the female lead was an orphaned anthropomorphic feline rather than vulpine (a cat rather than a fox), and she was to equally share the role of main character with another, a middle-aged male anthropomorphic wolf who would grow into a father figure for her. When it was decided change the game's direction and link it to the Star Fox universe, Krystal was in turn changed from an orphaned feline teenage protagonist to an orphaned young adult vixen supporting character. She was also made a love interest for Fox McCloud. She is seen in three games, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command, and she makes a small cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a background voice on the Lylat Cruiser, a trophy, and on three stickers featuring her in each of the Star Fox games she has appeared in.


Krystal with a blaster.

Krystal typically wears a very slim jumpsuit as opposed to Fox and Falco who wear lightly armored shoulder and torso protective materials, e.g Fox's flak jacket and Falco's shoulder padding. In her original appearance in Star Fox Adventures, she wears a tribal-style loincloth and bikini top.

Krystal is proficient with melee weapons from her tribal past as well as more advanced weapons seen in Team Star Fox's arsenal, both heavy and light. On the Star Fox Assault promotional pictures she is seen posing with a blaster and a gatling gun. She has become a skilled pilot of the Arwing and Landmaster Tank, despite the tank only typically being used by Fox, and it is said that she used her telepathic abilities to learn through the minds of the team in order to accelerate her standard training.

Current Relationship with Fox McCloud

The team reunited! ...probably.

It is unclear whether Krystal's relationship with Fox will last or end as Star Fox Command begins after the two of them broke up because of Fox's overprotectiveness of her. The uncertainty comes from the fact that the game has nine different endings, many of which are deliberately designed to drastically alter the state of the Star Fox team. Depending on the ending, Krystal's potential story threads vastly differ; in one, after briefly returning to Fox, she leaves him for good and becomes romantically entangled with Panther Caruso, joining the Star Wolf squadron in the process. In another, she is driven away from both Fox and Panther by a disapproving public, and ultimately becomes a villainous bounty hunter called Kursed. In still another, Krystal and Fox rekindle their love and retire from combat, living a peaceful life on Corneria and having a son named Marcus McCloud, who eventually forms his own Star Fox squadron. The ending most commonly considered canon by players, mainly because it makes relatively few strong changes to the franchise, has Fox and Krystal getting back together and remaining combat pilots, with Krystal (and Slippy's wife, Amanda) becoming permanent members of the Star Fox squadron and continuing to defend the Lylat System.

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