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Devil's Third is a third person action game and will be the first game produced by Tomonobu Itagaki at Valhalla Game Studios. THQ initially signed on as the game's publisher, but in 2012 was forced to drop the game from their slate as part of their financial recovery efforts. No new publisher has yet been announced.


There appears to be two main playable characters: a male and a female.

It has been hinted that a key element of the story will be the "Kessler Syndrome", a theory that basically states that the density of objects in LEO (low Earth orbit) could become high enough that the collision of those objects could create a cascade, creating debris that would augment the chance of future collisions.

It has also been hinted that there will be "3 factions" in the game.


Devil's Third is played from a third-person perspective. The kinds of attacks characters can perform in the game will consist of using guns, swords and hand-to-hand combat. There are "different levels" of movement speeds, levels which change depending on the weapon a character is holding.

There will be a variety of weapons. From Itagaki: "We're readying an unbelievable amount of weapons." The weapons have been said to be somewhat realistic in design. Guns will also be customizable, although it has not been specified if the options are simply for aesthetic purposes.

"True martial arts" have been described as being a distinctive feature of the game, a feature that may be complemented by Valhalla's experience with fighting games. Said to be another differing aspect of Devil's Third from other games, players will be able to precisely control their characters while jumping from a point of high elevation.

Online play is an important aspect of the game. Modes that have been confirmed are "Standard Battles", "Survival" and "Team Battles" but there will also be more online gameplay options. Itagaki said, given the team's past work and experience with the Xbox 360, online multiplayer is an absolute necessity.


Valhalla Game Studios has developed everything in the shooting aspects of the game "from scratch", but they also received support from THQ in that department.

Previous stories of Itagaki's games were written by Hiraoki Matsui, head of the art department at Valhalla Game Studios, but this time there will also be several Hollywood script writers writing for the story in Devil's Third. Because of this, Itagaki has said that this is their biggest franchise and it won't just be in the form of a video game, but there will also be cross media developments.

The game's basic engine is internally made by the development team, but external tools are going to be used for some areas of the game. The game's A.I. system, for example, is made with the use of an externally developed engine.

On the June 11th, 2010 episode of Gametrailers TV, it was announced that Valhalla Game Studios will be working with THQ to create Devil's Third. They proceeded to show a trailer showing actual gameplay. However on June 12, 2012, Eurogamer announced that THQ will not publish the game and that all rights to the project have been returned to Itagaki and his company Valhalla Games.

"We were anguished and [THQ] were really kind to us," he said. "Mr. Danny Bilson was searching for a way to work together until the very end. I do appreciate him and THQ managers that signed the transfer contract."
- Tomonobu Itagaki

According to Itagaki, Devil's Third is now in its "final stage" of development, but no new publishing partners for the project have been announced.


  • There will be lots of blood and gore, supplemented by a dismemberment system similar to Ninja Gaiden II.
  • The name "Devil's Third" has been said by Danny Bilson (Executive Vice President at THQ) and Itagaki to be related to the setting of the game and the characters. It also has a meaning related to classical music and the dissonance/conflict of tritones a.k.a Diabolus in Musica. It has also been hinted that there's a character "that has a relationship to the music".
  • It has been rumored that there will be vehicles that can be controlled by the player.
  • It has been confirmed in an interview with Famitsu magazine that all the footage from the initial trailer is from the multiplayer mode of the game. No footage of the single player has been shown so far.

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