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why are all the monsters from doom concepts they should be charaters

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Technically, the Cacodemon is not a single unique character, but rather a species, so wouldn't it make more sense to consider it a concept or something?

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It's a species? What are the different types? I thought it was just the ball?

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yeah really i've only seen one type of cacodemon. i'd love to know of the other types

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The FAQ states that characters are: "The stars of the games you play, characters must be specifically named, and must display unique personality within either the gameplay or the story of the game to merit a page."

And that a concept is:  "Concepts are the most loosely defined data type, serving as kind of a catch-all for pages and associations that don't currently fit into one of the other data types, such as a race of creatures, a specific in-game event, character abilities, and gameplay characteristics."

By those definitions, the cacodemon (and any type/race of creatures) are a concept, not a character.

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Riotisonfire said:
yeah really i've only seen one type of cacodemon. i'd love to know of the other types
Races and species don't need to have multiple "types" to be considered races or species.

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