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Gifted and arrogant young magician who can't accept the fact that Recette is the owner of an item shop, believing her to be merely an employee of Tear. Caillou has a taste for books but fervently denies his desire for candies. Can often be spotted in the chapel or outside the orphanage in the center of town.


After Recette has learned how to take advance orders from customers Caillou will begin appearing in the store with a very specific shopping list. All the items he is looking for can be found on monsters and bosses in Jade Way. Once you complete his order he will become a regular customer and eventually offer his guild card, allowing you to hire him for dungeon excursions.


 Caillou casts Sparkburst
Caillou moves rather slow and has low health and defense but compensates with powerful magical spells. His standard attack is slow, but it can be charged up for a ranged attack. If it connects with an enemy it also drains a small amount of SP. Caillou's low endurance can be problematic on long dungeon excursions but his high offensive potential makes him well suited for Boss Rush. Caillou can equip staves and robes to improve his stats.

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