Expect more Call of Duty

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While we all know COD has nothing on Half-Life or Bioshock, MW3 managed to be the fastest selling video game to ever reach $1 Billion. What are your thoughts on this, and are you angry?

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No, the game is popular. I like the single player. Angry at what? What presumptions do you have?

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my presumptions is that this forum is smart enough to realize what a rehash MW3 is, and that Half-Life, Portal & Bioshock deserve more praise than it.

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There will be more Call of Duty. I'm kind of disappointed that the bubble for its particular style of multiplayer shootery didn't burst this time round, because it means another will be churned out next year with - at best - minor alterations to the formula. But there are enough other, different games this year that it doesn't matter. Not everyone was trying to be Modern Warfare this year (BF3, Portal 2, UC3, The Batmans etc etc) that if I (the minority apparently) don't feel like another CoD: MW game, I have plenty of other options.

Also, the title of this thread is one of the most expected pieces of news I've ever heard :p

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Am I angry? No, why would you be... It is a game with mass appeal that is also rather good.

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@AhmadMetallic: that is a pretty damn funny picture, i forgot that a lot of younger kids (high school and below) get cod

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my presumptions is that this forum is smart enough to realize what a rehash MW3 is, and that Half-Life, Portal & Bioshock deserve more praise than it.
They do get more praise in the gaming community.
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I just really hope they're going to try something radically different. But that's probably just false hope....

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i hope MW runs for a looong time.

i just find it very funny how angry the game made some of you people. and for no good reason either. i mean if it was a bad game id agree. but its not a bad game. its just really popular and your e-penis grows a little if you say you hate popular thing/games.

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Getting angry at a video game for selling well seems like a very silly thing to do.

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AAAAAAHH! I'm so angry! RWAAAARRRH! >:(

Seriously, as long as Bioshock (as an example you mentioned) does good enough to pay the developers and might incite interest in a sequel from the publishers, I think we should be happy enough and get angry at a video game because it sells better than the game you like.

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Who cares?

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No anger here. If they sell, and people enjoy them, then what's the problem? Yeah, it's annoying when aspects of COD that I'm not particularly fond of leak into other games, but that's how these things go, and it too shall pass.

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@Slaker117 said:

Getting angry at a video game for selling well seems like a very silly thing to do.

@Afroman269 said:

Who cares?

These are both sound pieces of logic.

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It serves as a gateway drug to get non gamers to buy a PS3 or 360 to try out the sensation that everyone talks about that is call of duty. Once they have said console they will probably try out some other games and gain a love for the medium like we all do. I see nothing to get angry about.

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Why would I be angry? The games don't interest me too much, so I don't play them.

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Why would I be angry? I just won't buy it just like I haven't bought the last half-dozen CoD games.

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The only thing I am a bit disappointed with is that Modern Warfare is an Activision game. Activision has enough money

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I think the tide has passed on hating CoD and CoD players. If companies were financially rewarded more often for taking risks and innovating heavily, who's to say that the amount of seriously good games coming out would go up? The games that aren't so good could just become unplayable, weird and of no worth to anyone where as currently the not so good games are just 'heavily inspired by' popular titles but are totally serviceable and someone will pay and enjoy it.

It's sounds very nice to be a person who demands innovation at all points, but innovation without a clear inspiration behind it will likely lead to some shitty, unplayable and joyless game than if they had just iterated. I'm perfectly willing to wait for someone to have a truly great idea rather than force someone to try and make a great idea and have it turn out shitty.

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I've gotten over the fact that MW3 is an overrated recycled piece of shit.

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The answer is - Snot nosed 10 year olds.

But no, that doesn't anger me because I don't play those games and the above reason is one of the reasons why I don't.

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@jetsetwillie: No, just being a good game isn't enough to be worth praise. You need to do new, interesting, creative things with the game. MW3 is a good game, but CoD4 is still better balanced and more fun, and it at least did things a different way from previous Call of Duty titles. I make a decent grilled cheese sandwich, but that doesn't mean you want to eat the same damn sandwich every week for the rest of your life.

@theodacourt: Iteration is what Halo has done. Look at ODST and Reach did to the Halo formula. Even Halo 3 added new vehicles, weapons, and brought new scale to the multiplayer and scope to the campaign. Reach, with it's loose classes and equipment, the armor permutations in Halo 3 and Reach, Firefight in ODST, etc. MW3 added a two player mode that should be at least 4 players and still is less thought out than another really popular shooter with such a mode that came out recently. MW3 didn't really add much of anything, and from the sounds of it the only still meaningful thing is the balance changes to streaks, which was just them fixing what they broke in MW2.

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i knew there are going to be another call of duty game. you know it's been coming out for like 4 years now. evenutally call of duty is going to go down because of how many games are out in the market. i didn't buy modern warfare 3 because there are the same game as black ops.

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Call of Duty 9 is already in development for 2012 - Activision CEO Bobby Kotick

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@MordeaniisChaos: Yeah, I'm right behind iteration. The CoD franchise has been iterating from it's very first installment and it is iteration that turned it into the biggest game around. I agree that the new one hasn't moved on as much as previous games have but that is sort of irrelevant to my argument. The point I was trying to make originally is this; if it was a choice between what has happened with MW3 multiplayer and something that breaks the game just for the sake of trying to be innovative, then I'd prefer what we have. This is my position for all games that aren't broken or straight up bad games.

p.s. If we want to argue what bad means in that last sentence; a good game is one that matches it's intentions and has found an audience, if it fails on either point then it's bad. If it has achieved it's intentions and no one is playing it, then it's intentions were bad. If it doesn't match up to the vision then something went wrong along the way. I'm only applying these rules to widely accessible games which have had enough publicity to support their push for an audience.

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@yOyO7 said:

are you angry?

Come on. You can do better than that.

@yOyO7 said:

my presumptions is that this forum is smart enough to realize what a rehash MW3 is, and that Half-Life, Portal & Bioshock deserve more praise than it.

A better troll would've known that these games are ridiculously overrated and would've called them out for it

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Not shocked at all, or annoyed really. It's a a really good game and I am happy lots of people are playing it.

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Expect more useless threads in the future. Your thoughts? Are you angry? Do you like cookies?

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I think of it as an annual $60 subscription to a fun multiplayer.

Still cheaper than WoW which is about $180 + cost of any expansions.

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I totally didn't think Activision was going to release another Call of Duty. Is it true? I can't believe it! Activision are so well known for their originality.

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I wouldn't mind a 3rd person CoD game as a way to shake things up, assuming it's done well. I'm gonna guess that it's Blops 2 though.

But yeah, I also heard Madden 2013 is under development.

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There sure is a lot of not angry people in this thread, which is weird because usually people have massive amounts of hurt pouring from their butts whenever COD is mentioned.

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Are you someone who only likes games that aren't popular?

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I thought it was funny (and strange) that Activision decided to celebrate by dissing the movie industry in their Press Release

Highlighting the trend of interactive entertainment gaining a greater hold of audiences worldwide, the game achieved this milestone in just 16 days, eclipsing the record set in 2009 by the feature film "Avatar," which reached the $1 billion milestone in 17 days.

While 2011 box office revenue is on the decline – down 4 percent this year at $9.4 billion, compared with $9.8 billion in 2010 -- the number of people purchasing and participating in gaming is on the rise, with no sign of slowing.(1)

Bobby Kotick says "In the face 'Avatar' !"

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MW3 > Bioscock 2

#37 Posted by Sander (425 posts) -

I'm having a fun time with the game, both in Spec Ops and multiplayer, but I can definitely see that the core talent of the franchise has left.

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COD is becoming this generation's answer to CS.

It's cool...

But I'm still not playing it... It's like coke, let the kids and teenagers do it....

Maybe I shouldn't have children..

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I'm always angry, but for unrelated reasons.

#40 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

@AnimalFather said:

MW3 > Bioscock 2

Tell me more about Bio's second Cock.

#41 Posted by Rekt_Hed (947 posts) -

@Afroman269 said:

Who cares?

was thinking the same thing

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@Conzed92 said:

COD is becoming this generation's answer to CS.

That is perhaps the most on-the-nose description of Call of Duty's place in gaming right now. Jesus, I can't believe I never saw that.

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No reason to get angry. I don't care for CoD anymore, so I just ignore it. Therefore it does not bother me.

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Not angry at all. While I don't like some of MW3's balancing (or lack thereof in some cases), I love all the improvements made to the weapon lvls, point streaks, and prestige system along with ELITE.

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Goddamnit, curse this fucking cultist of Jays. They even create new profiles just to bump their old threads.

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I'm quite looking forward to the next one just so I can roll my eyes at what stupid name they give it.

Surely this series has to have a change up soon, it has been 5 years since Call of Duty 4 and the game is unchanged, aside from kill streak and perk differences.

I don't know how people aren't tired of this shit.

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@jetsetwillie said:

i hope MW runs for a looong time.

i just find it very funny how angry the game made some of you people. and for no good reason either. i mean if it was a bad game id agree. but its not a bad game. its just really popular and your e-penis grows a little if you say you hate popular thing/games.

This. People get soooooo butthurt over this game that it's hilarious. I don't really see what the issue is to be honest. Someone likes something so let them play it. Why should I care? They aren't spoiling any of my fun. I know this'll sound crazy to some people, but instead of bitching about every new CoD game, I find something else to play. Shocking, I know.

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Why should I care? I concentrate on playing games I'm interested in. I rent the CoD single player experience each year and then forget about it.

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