Which Call of Duty do you prefer?

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My friend and I are having a debate about which cod people prefer more. He saids black ops and I say modern warfare. What do you duders think?

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I prefer black ops.

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The original series. 1 & 2 were amazing.

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Black Ops, was able top happily play it for about a year.

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Call of Duty 2 4 lyfe

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Black Ops and MW2 seemed to split the COD players down the middle. I like the direction Black Ops took and hope Black Ops 2 keeps it going although didn't like MW 2 or 3 at all. Wasn't like BO1 set the world alight and was a game changer but at least they seem to be trying a little harder to freshen the series (if only a little at a time).

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The MW series, but 4 (MW1) specifically. MW2 and 3 were just fine, but 4 was brilliant.

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@BabyChooChoo said:

The MW series, but 4 (MW1) specifically. MW2 and 3 were just fine, but 4 was brilliant.

This but I disliked MW2 and MW3.

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Now that I've sold all of the ones past 4 and I'm looking back?

I remember Black Ops the best. 2 and 4 are the best ones, hands down, but Black Ops at least stands out somewhat. Besides, the zombies, the top-down shooter, and Zork were some pretty charming little add-ons that made BlOps feel like the developers put a little more heart into it. Also, the campaign was longer than five hours and the end twist really wasn't that bad, though it does remind one too much of The Manchurian Candidate.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and in Black Ops you had the currency for buying new upgrades and weapons in online play. I thought that idea was fantastic and the Wager matches added some very nice tension to the multiplayer, and I'd consider the currency the single best idea of BlOps multiplayer. I really hope it returns in BlOps 2.

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The only ones I've played are 2, 3, and 4, but I used to play those all the time.

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Carl on Duty: Black Cops

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Call of Duty 4 is for me the peak in the franchise, I probably had just a good a time online with Call of Duty 1 and the United Offensive expansion but the single player in CoD4 is just amazing. I haven't played much of MW3 but I'd say it was the worst in the MW series. Black Ops was sub par, everything Treyarch ever did, from the console versions to Black Ops has been sub par next to what IW achieved.

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Modern Warfare series. 4 in particular. Even though I got sick of CoD when Modern Warfare 2 came out, I still got the third to see it through.

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Black Ops mp is the only CoD mp I ever got into(voted for it), and it was a ton o' fun. I finally got the allure and popularity of the CoD multiplayer experience. That said I think the MW2 campaign was better in every way than Blops, although that one was pretty good too.

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Call of Duty 4 is the one I put the most hours into. World at War after that. Overall I think I prefer Treyarch's games.

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Black Ops is great. I vastly prefer Treyarch's COD games over IW's take on COD. I still like the WW2 games though. COD 2 specifically.

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hmmmmmmm Black Ops was good but cod4 was the best I think...

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The first two I guess, but Black Ops was...'alright'.

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I don't really think WaW or Black Ops count as a "series" because there is only one game in each so far.

MW > Black Ops > COD2 > COD > WaW > MW2 >MW3 > COD3 and the shitty original Xbox games

I've played a stupid amount of Call of Duty.

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I like COD4: Modern Warfare and Black Ops the best. Where's my option, damnit!

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I really loved COD2 and 4. Black Ops was good, World at War wasn't bad either.

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I love MW2 and it's also the game in the series I have played the most. I did not care for Black Ops though and won't be buying the sequel when it's released.

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Black Ops.

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Call of Duty. I wonder what percentage of the masses playing the latest releases have played the original. Holy goddamn hell is it ever a great game.

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I love the crispness in the gunplay in the MW Series, but my friends and I have spent more time by far on the Black Ops Zombies.... hopefully BO2 will combine them and I'll finally call it quits.

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Can I say COD4: Modern Warfare without including the rest of the series?

Because if not, then COD 2.

So I guess what I'm saying is... the Call of Duty.

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I don't play first person shooters. I voted for World at just so I could see the results. Interesting that more people are saying they prefer black ops, but modern warfare is higher in the poll.

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For me it's a toss up between COD4 and COD2.

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@PeasantAbuse said:

I don't really think WaW or Black Ops count as a "series" because there is only one game in each so far.

MW > Black Ops > COD2 > COD > WaW > MW2 >MW3 > COD3 and the shitty original Xbox games

I've played a stupid amount of Call of Duty.

As someone who has played a rediculous amount of the series as well, I agree with everything except COD3 might be better than MW3 for me, had a lot of fun split/screening with friends in that one.
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Black Ops personally for the storytelling. Modern Warfare really only had one good game, and that is the first one. The sequels are the worst.

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I think I am on board with the Black Ops series. But the first 2 games that were PC only will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am so surprised still to this day that this series went from a small PC release as CoD1 all the way through Bl:Ops 2 9 years later. Black Ops series seems to be my round house all though I am getting sick of the series. Basically skipper W@W and MW3 due to fatigue. The numbers stations stuff was so good along with the cold war vibe.

The one unforgivable breaking point in that game was, Battle of Khe Sanh, where you need to clear the trenches by kicking the barrel. I remember I shut that game off and shelved it for a good few months or a year before finishing it due to that section of the game not telling you what to do and running into endless enemy spawns after enemy spawns!

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COD 4 > COD 1 > COD 2 > everything else.

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4 is the best, definitely.

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@SexyToad: As a person who works at a game store, I can safely assure you that the general public prefers Black Ops. The reason? You guessed it, zombies. Every asshole who asks about a new Call of Duty game undoubtedly asks, "does it have zombies?!"

I believe critics, and the slightly more serious players, would prefer Modern Warfare. I believe those, between the two franchises the series has branched out to, are objectively better.

Personally? I feel like each 'series' has about one good entry - or less - before it hurts itself. The first two games were great WWII games, though WWII was a bit overdone at the time. I think Call of Duty 3 sort of fell off the rails. Call of Duty 4 was great, and also the last of the entire Call of Duty franchise that I actually enjoyed.

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Call of Duty United offensive all the way!

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Modern Warfare. Got attached to the characters the most. Greatly enjoy them all though, so I don't have a huge preference.

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CoD4: Modern Warfare is the best. Then Black Op's is second. I only liked W@W because the zombies. MW2 & MW3 suck ass.

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MW2 by a long shot

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I've only played the modern warfare series, but I only beat MW not MW2 and I have not played MW3, so I can't say, but I can say that COD 2 was my least fav of the games. I don't like WWII games.

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Call of Duty 2 is one of my most favourite games of all time.

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I personaly LOVEEEEE Call of Duty 2, but Call of Duty 1 + United Offensive was also great, but i missed out a bit because my first call of duty was part 2 :-)

The mods and custom maps were also awesome and kept me playing for years!!!!

Also WW2 weapons are great!

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Modern Warfare 1 is my favorite, but the rest of the Modern Warfare games were pretty bad. So it's a tie between the original games and the Modern Warfare games I would say.

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Modern Warfare, and by that I mean the original. Screw MW2 and 3.

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COD: Black Ops for me, although I was a huge fan of both COD4: MW and COD5: WaW as well.

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