random_guy23's Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PlayStation 3) review

This game could really have been something special.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, the 2nd western game developed by Techland is yet another attempt at making a solid western shooter. This game, while delivering on graphics, is very weak in every other aspect. The shooting just doesn't feel right at all, and the enemies get very hard in the later stages of the game. There were just too many moments of frustration that made myself hate this game more and more. While I appreciated the detailed graphics, just everything else just seemed very bland and unorginal, like it had been ripped from another first person shooter. The online mode is fairly fun, although the running animation is very jalty and it feels like something you would see in CounterStrike. Come on, this game was made in 2008, you would think that there would be better animation systems nowadays. The story mode is quite long, but it is not engaging in any way. Once, after a mission, I didn't feel compelled to play on. Infact, I havent actually completed the entire story mode, just becuase everything gets really repetitive, and I was actually having more fun on the online aspect of the game.
Overall, I got the opinion that more time was taken in development to make the graphics look good. And, they do, but I feel that more time could have been taken just making every other key aspect of the game just as good.
Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay - 1/5
Sound - 2/5
Value - 2/5
Overall - 2/5

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