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Campbell Iman is the first playable character in SAW II: Flesh & Blood. His story opens much like the film, SAW 2, in which case a man has a key imbedded under their eye and must get it to unlock the venus fly trap helmet that is attached to their heads. Soon after, the player learns that Campbell is a drug addict whose son has followed in his drug-using footsteps. Not only that, he also has terminal cancer and was in the process of trying to locate his estranged son when Jigsaw happened upon him. One last bit of info he is given is that, concurrently with him, there is another playing one of Jigsaw's games and that Campbell has the power to decide his fate.

Knowing all of that, Campbell is given a sadistic choice... save himself, despite having less then 6 months to live. Or allow himself to die so that the young stranger above him can survive. This choice (as well as successfully pulling it off) determines one of multiple endings for the game.

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