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The Capshaw is a common sedan that is driven by civilians, the Vice Kings, and the 3rd Street Saints. It can be selected by the player as a gang car for the 3rd Street Saints in Saints Row 2, and it is a standard Saints gang car early i

Rear Quarter-Panel of Capshaw
n the original Saints Row. In both games, the Capshaw looks the same, and resembles a Pontiac Grand Prix from the 1990s. It is portrayed as a mundane sedan, that has average performance in all respects. However,, the acceleration is the most lacking aspect of the Capshaw, and the majority of cars in both games will pull well away from the Capshaw quickly. 
When driven by civilians the Capshaw can either spawn as a 'beater', a standard car or a customized car. The beater version retains the same performance, but it simply appears to have rusted in places. This version of the car is most common in Stilwater's poorer districts, such as the Projects, and the Barrio. Beaters rarely have rims as well, but they have the same overall specs as any other version of the car.  
Alongside the Destiny from the original Saints Row, the Capshaw was one of the most common cars in the game. However, the Destiny does not appear in Saints Row 2, and the Capshaw is somewhat less common. It still remains one of the most familiar sights around the city, however.


The Capshaw was designed as a mundane, common car. For this reason, they are extremely common in all districts of Stilwater. The performance is average in all regards, so it will be able to keep up with slower cars such as the Halberd.
Modified Capshaw in Saints Row 2
However, the acceleration of the Capshaw is sorely lacking, and the vast majority of cars can easily get away from the Capshaw before it can reach its top speed. The Capshaw can take a reasonably average amount of damage, but nothing more. Generally, smashing head-on into a train can only be done twice with the Capshaw before it explodes.

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