Cardboard Box > Drumcan

#1 Posted by niall077 (111 posts) -

agree?  disagree?

#2 Posted by MasterSplinter (656 posts) -

Agree. I was never a fan of tetanus.

#3 Posted by GoranP (1252 posts) -

I agree.

#4 Posted by Osmiles (202 posts) -

Disagree, you can't puke using the cardboard box.

#5 Posted by MasterSplinter (656 posts) -
Osmiles said:
"Disagree, you can't puke using the cardboard box.
Unless you start to eat the box...
#6 Posted by hazelnutman (1121 posts) -

You can't beat the cardboard box.
You just can't.

#7 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Yeah I love the box... its so funny looking

#8 Posted by Director (4 posts) -


#9 Posted by TheWesman (445 posts) -

I liked how they made a big deal about the oil drum in the game....but then they give you the box anyways, right?  I mean, would it be MGS without good ol' trusty box?

"Oh!  s'just a box" *walks away*

#10 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -


#11 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Agree 100%! Drum can makes a lot more noise, cardboard box will always be better for being stealthy!

#12 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3207 posts) -

Much agreed.

#13 Posted by Damonation (573 posts) -

The box is awesome.

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