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Introduction in Manual

2190 AD. On a routine exploration mission, science vessel FMM UV discovered a planet with suitable climate for humankind. During the initial scouting expedition this young planet, code named FMM UV-32, was declared inhospitable for colony life due to its unstable terrain, so the planet was used for experiments in cloning long extinct lifeforms instead. News of this amazing planet spread and articles on the "Dinosaur Planet" lead a particularly unscrupulous Earth corporation to purchase the rights to the planet and creat DinoHunt Corp. The loathsome DinoHunt allows hunters to slaughter animals which went extinct billions of years ago without mercy or hesitation.

You are the newest morally-ambiguous client of DinoHunt Corp.

Locations in Game

Area 1: The Woods of Turan Choks (Novice) - This is the first location you get to hunt in the game, the land is very flat and aside from a single inlet. The name of the island is based off the Captain of the FMM UV-32 who discovered the planet.
Area 2: Basmachee Rocks (Novice) - The second location, has slight hills and fog through out the island and a large beach on the Eastern side of the island. In addition to 3 small lakes.

Area 3: The Jungles of Gravitsappa (Novice) - The third location has unique feature to each area on the island, there is a large spiral mountain where a hunter can hide out and shoot various dinosaurs in safety.

Area 4: The Ancient Temple (Advanced) - The fourth location is more advanced with a temple in the middle of the map that is surrounded by a moat and mountains on the northern east side.

Area 5: The Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron (Advanced) - has pyramids in the dessert area of the island that were built by people of a "long gone race" and their remains are uknown.

Area 6: The Great Lake (Expert) - Almost all mountains with a crater like lake in the middle of the island with very little hiding spots.

Dinosaurs Featured in Game

ParasaurolophusPlantsBeginnerHead, Neck, BackAverageAverageExcellent
PachycephalosaurusPlantsBeginnerNeck, BackAverageLowAverage
TriceratopsPlantsAdvancedNeck, Back, EyesAverageLowAverage
AllosaurusMeatBeginnerHead, Neck, BackAverageExcellentExcellent
VelociraptorMeatAdvancedHead, Neck, BackAverageExcellentExcellent
Tyrannosaurus RexMeatExpertEyesExcellentExcellentExcellent

There was also Brontosaurs that were unable to be killed and several other dinosaurs that didn't give the shooter any points. They were the Moschops (a dog like dinosaur), the Gallimimus (a fast, sprinting dinosaur) and Dimorphodon (a flying dinosaur) that you could only shoot with a sniper rifle.


  • Shotgun: Powerful but when you shoot the gun you will scare the plant eating dinosaurs and attract the meat eating dinosaurs. Has only 6 shots in the shot gun, made for any level of hunter. Has one target area, the center of the sight circle.
  • The X-Bow: Has two aiming pins, the top is sighted for 40 meters and the bottom for 80 meters. THe weapon is relatively silent but after shooting several time will eventually alert dinosaurs. Made for more advanced hunters since he aiming takes some practice, but is available at the start of the game. There are 8 shots in the X-Bow.
  • Sniper Rifle: Will shoot exactly where the crosshairs are placed, its range goes as far as the binoculars, but is extremely narrow. Holding 6 shots, this is for advanced and expert hunters only.

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