Carrier command reboot

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Back in 1988 I visited a computer show in London with my Dad, it was great (from my 8/9 year old eyes) it also happened to be near my birthday so with my birthday money I got myself two games which I still love to this day.

First was Dungeon Master the second was Carrier Command (both for the Atari ST). Fast forward to 2012 and we get both a DM remake and now it seems we’ll also get a CC reboot!

Looks like it’ll be released in September (with luck). I thought 2012 only held GW2 and Dragon’s dogma to grab my attention but then I found this!

Now I doubt it’ll have the great sound track!

For those that never played the first incarnation or Hostile Waters, CC was a real time strategy game that had two carries sailing around a new group of islands at some point in the future. The islands had a new form or energy which could be used to power all your units. Your task was simple capture all the islands or try to take down the enemy carrier (both were winning scenarios).

So if you liked sins of the solar empire you may want to keep an eye on this, I know I will.

For ref, the 1988 version

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I played this and Dungeon Master on my ATARI ST. All these people talking about their nintendos and segas just don't know about the realness that was the ATARI ST. So many heart achingly happy memories of magic.

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Used to play the PC port of the original back in the early 90´s. I really hope the reboot ends up decent. Has been kinda hard to tell by the trailers.

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I dont want to undermine you, because Im not. But it sounds like you like this game because you have attached positive emotions that are not from playing the actual game its self. Thats totaly fine, and I have a game like that too ( the creatures series ). I just thought it was interesting.

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good game.i am playing it.

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Really interested in this, but liked to see a demo first.

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