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The Shee are a race of intelligent inventors, they are the creatures of the Norns, Ettins and the accidental creator of the Grendels. They are the original inhabitant of Albia and created monuments to them selves, not of how they actually looked, but of how they wanted to be remembered. They are known for creating round about ways of dealing with problems.


Norns are a race invented by the Shee. They are cute, inquisitive, and breed like rabbits. Originally invented to be playful servants. On Albia, they are a social creature, and can be found with other Norns.


Created to be a laboratory assistant, these guys love dry, hot places, and when not in the desert can be found searching for, hording, and playing with any type of machine you can think of. They are often carriers of bacteria, other then that they are mostly harmless.


The Grendels were created in a laboratory accident. They love hot, humid areas. While the Norns get their high from sex, and Ettins get their high from hunting machines, the Grendels get their high from killing. They can literary smell Norn, and track them down one by one.

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