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John Cassidy is an old adventurer who retired to his bar outside Vault City. Cassidy's wounds can attest to the combat he's seen: knife wounds, bullet wounds, head injuries, and a missing eye; but despite all these injuries he is still a great shot and a good person to have your back. 
Despite surviving after the bombs dropped he is a fairly moral and well mannered person. He is polite to people around him except for people who are on his or the law's bad side. 
He won't join the Chosen One if he is a slaver, has low Karma, or has killed children. 

Heart Problems

All the years of fighting haven't slowed Cassidy down, but his heart has. He has rhythm and conduction disorder. He needs medical treatment that is only available at Vault City, but only people born in Vault City can receive medical aid. If The Chosen One gains enough influence in Vault City he can get Cassidy the treatments he needs. Because of his heart conditions he can't take any chems or he will die of a heart attack.

His Daughter

After the events of Fallout 2 he married a tribal and had a daughter named Rose of Sharon Cassidy. One day he left his wife and daughter and never came back, presumably dying in the Wastes. Cass eventually grows up and starts a caravan. She is a recruitable NPC in Fallout: New Vegas.  


He makes two video game references: If he is taking a lot of damage in combat he will shout, "I wish I had a Limit Break!" Which is a reference to Final Fantasy VII. At one point he will say, " foot in the grave and the other in hell." Which is a reference to Planescape Torment, another Black Isle game.
He claims his father named him after his favorite comic book character, which may have been Cassidy, the vampire from "Preacher."

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