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Rose of Sharon Cassidy is the daughter of John Cassidy from Fallout 2. She is a former wandering merchant and owner of Cassidy Caravans who resides now resides at Mojave Outpost. She is first encountered drowning her sorrows with whiskey in the Mojave Outpost Barracks and can offer a few suggestions as to where the Courier can find work. She can later be recruited as a companion if the player chooses to do so. If recruited as a companion Cass will travel with the Courier and has an epilogue if certain requirements are met by the player.


  • Cass hates going to the Lucky 38 and has a unique text when/if the player sends her to wait in the Lucky 38. The unique message is as written " Cass has the Lucky 38."
  • Cass will not stay long with a Courier who has negative karma, in addition to that she will not talk to the Player if he/she is an enemy of the NCR.
  • A Player can learn the schematic for Cass' Moonshine from Cass.

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