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Cutscenes with a bit of gaming.

Do you love cutscenes?  If so, this game has hours of it.  I'm serious!  For every 5-10 minutes worth of game play, there is a cutscene.  To me, it destroys the flow of the game so badly that you'll be skipping cutscenes just to get back to the action.  I gave the game half a star for the ability to skip them.
The actual game play is fun but it could do with a bit less of the platforming because the camera will make you sick.  The camera is stuck and does mess up the controls when it wildly switches from views.  The combat involves some minor combos that usually end up not working because the enemies will attack right thru it.  I found it best to stick with some simple ones and just roll roll roll.  I never really thought that any of the combos were powerful and awe inspiring.  The boss fights were pretty epic in scale but I think they had the difficulty switched around.  The first two were much harder then the last boss.
This game isn't for everyone, I almost chucked the disc after the second chapter (out of 12).  The game gets a tad better after the first couple chapters but man, you either have to really like the game or hate to quit games like me.  I'm not a fan of Castlevania but since this was a new attempt at the series, I thought to give it a go.  I mean I heard how good the action was and the visuals.  
I think the visuals ranged from good to great.  I don't think they were as good as Enslaved.  Heck, nothing was as good as Enslaved which I would highly recommend.  Castlevania however I would not recommend.  Its just too long with too many annoying things.

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