Suggest names for my dad's new cat!

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So my parents just got a new kitty-cat, and my dad wants suggestions for names.

  • The cat is female.
  • She has black and white fur.
  • Her face and paws are white, her back and head are black on top.
  • She has blue eyes and a pink nose.
Sorry, no pictures yet. Fire away!
It turns out the cat's name was decided to be "Sweety" before I could even suggest anything. Thanks anyway, everyone, for making this thread fun. Also, a special thanks to those few who actually made serious suggestions. Stay classy, Giant Bomb!
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Catty McGee.

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Mr. Peebles!

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ray pierre
this has been discussed before

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Opalescence (or Opal)

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"Faster" so that she will always feel inadequate.

Come over here, Faster!

Do a barrel roll, Faster! (Cats do those right?)

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Katty cat macKat the third (dame of the vale and all its lands) or Bob for short.
Or Pawpaw

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About a decade ago, I had a manx cat I named Luna.  It was black with white paws and a tuft of white from its nose to forehead.  I miss that cat.

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Lol, you guys suck at this.
@PenguinDust: Thanks for the suggestion, I love it. I'm definitely passing along "Luna"!

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Cookies N' Cream.
Would probably work better if you had two cats instead of one though.

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Skittles. But Microsoft might sue, so I don't know...

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Tabatha Rumplefart

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'Cat' is a pretty standard name for a cat, I've always thought.

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@ShadowConqueror said:


Was going to be my suggestion.

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Jeff Gerstmann.

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I know lady cats named Lina and Abby. Good names, I think.

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Rhonda, or Spades Slick.

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@The_Dude said:

@ShadowConqueror said:


Was going to be my suggestion.

These people know what they're talking about.
In order:
  1. Schrodinger
  2. Nyan
  3. Steve
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Chairman Meow is the only acceptable answer.

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Akuji the Heartless

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Bob Saget.

Alternatively, Haywood Jablomey.

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Catzia Fucking Hotpurr.

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@mnzy said:
Catzia Fucking Hotpurr.
Cute :D
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Blue eyes white dragon.

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@ShaggE said:

Chairman Meow is the only acceptable answer.

I can't stop fucking laughing.

@mnzy said:

Catzia Fucking Hotpurr.

That's clever as hell.

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Black and white fur, hmm. How about Ikaruga or Limbo?

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Brownie the Green Eyed Dude Dog the Third

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