More info from new Famitsu

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Andriasang looks at the latest Famitsu so you don't have to and relates that getting drunk leads to going to the dream world at night.  And it appears that Katherine shows up at Vincent's the morning after he goes home with Catherine.  So yeah, Vincent has problems.  And it revealed he gets calls from a Steve claiming that Catherine is his girl.

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Very interesting. I'm still trying to figure out how this game is going to play.

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Sweet. Very excited to see how this game turns out.

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getting drunk leads you to this dream world?
tell me about it!

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 XD so the bottles are how drunk you are, the more drunk the more able to speed up the dream. Hm.. Would this way a way to skip dreaming every night or just a way to get a much faster Vincent... 
Then the mysterious person named Steve, who says that Catherine is his girl. 
There was also (same webby) talk about the sheep, and what they say, the one on Catherine's shoulder asking if she's cold for showing so much skin, and Katherine saying that she remembers how many sugar cubes you like, she's more like a parent.
Then possible the Stray sheep being used as a sort of mini game place, to get drunk, or do other things to pass the time. Hmmm.

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I know it has about zero chance of happening, but I would love for Atlus to have a Bear Beer tie-in. 

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the only info I want is a NA release date

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Weird.  Tried to add the info to the wiki, actually submitted it and gained 40 points, but nothing changed.
Anyways, the drunk mechanic sounds real weird.  I suppose it's considered a good thing to have Vincent's dreams sped up as he gets out of danger faster...?  But there must be a downside to getting to level 3 drunkeness, as well.

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The drinking mechanic sounds rather unconventional and I still feel like it's not entirely clear how it's going to affect the game as a whole. There has been much more information about the story of the narrative thrown out there than there has been information about the gameplay.

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I'm pretty sure this game will play on a timer in the Nightmare sections. Speed will be inmportant, and timers are shown in the intro and trailers. It would also explain the bar on the left: 
Maybe at the end of the timers something happens that will bring him to the bottom of the tower/kill him?

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@DonutFever: I'm pretty sure the bar on the left represents how close the enemy (the red symbol with a ghoulish face) is to Vincent (the pink symbol). I guess it could be interpreted as a timer, though.
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@FluxWaveZ: That's what I thought at first, it depends if that bar appears in the other sections.

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